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Thread: 2.5 year old won't drink milk

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    Default 2.5 year old won't drink milk

    My DD1 was addicted to her bottle and wanted hot milk constantly through the day up until bedtime - enough that she would drink at least half a litre but we finally got her off the bottle (we went away to visit my parents and we forgot to pack it) but now she won't drink milk at all. I'm a little worried she won't get enough calcium as she doesn't really eat cheese much and tells me she doesn't like yoghurt. She drinks a little bit of water through the day so I'm also worried she is not getting enough fluids. Sigh, from one extreme to the other. Any suggestions?

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    Banana smoothies or chocolate milk? You could add less and less flavouring each time. Otherwise you could find other calcium rich foods and just focus on those while bub makes up her mind about the milk. xo

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    There is no need for milk to get enough calcium, even without other dairy, although it's a bit harder. You can probably get some cheese in by putting it on pasta etc, cooking risotto with parmesan etc. And you can use yoghurt in curries, tandoori chicken etc. But even without dairy, it is possible to eat enough calcium - check out this list of foods with calcium - [url= d=66#Calcium]Vegetarian Network Victoria - Complete Nutrient Summary[/url]

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    DD1 is has gone off milk to, but she will still have smoothies, I just give her a little cup with her afternoon tea and she is happy with that.

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    We just have chocolate syrup milkshake mix in the house to add to milk, for both kids. DD#1 doesn't get thirsty (she's 9.5yo) so the only way to get her to drink is by schedule. DD#2 drinks when she is thirsty. We used to get chocolate powder or milo but DD#1 has issues mixing it in, so syrup worked better. We get it in 3L commercial sized bottles, if that says anything ...

    Quote Originally Posted by MantaRay View Post
    There is no need for milk to get enough calcium
    The obvious example being cows. Who don't drink milk. Followed closely by chickens, who make a calcium-enclosed egg every day.

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