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Thread: 23 month old - Scared of the dark????

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    Default 23 month old - Scared of the dark????

    Hi All,

    My 23 month old son has just started not wanting to go to sleep at night. He has been a great sleeper... just read some books finishing with the 'bedtime' book, put on his lullaby CD and turn off the light and he went to sleep...

    BUT in the last week or so he screams hysterically when we leave him in the dark... so much so that all that will calm him down is to sit on the couch quietly with us, and this is where he falls asleep (normally within 5-10 mins).

    We don't want to make a habit of this as a way to get him to sleep... I think he may be scared of the dark??

    Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas to help?

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    I haven't experienced it, sorry. Have you tried a night light in his room? I'm not really sure when kids start going through night terrors, would it be too early?

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    I was just looking for a post on nightmares/nightterrors or afraid of the dark.... My ds is going thru this at 10mths.

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    I was going to suggest a little night light too. Does he have a comfort item to cuddle?

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