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    Hi everyone, My 3 month old daughter is losing her hair! She had so much when she was born everyone kept talking about it. The cynical ones said "wow look at how much hair she has. She'll lose it though!" As this is my first child and my sisters kids didn't have much hair when they were born I have a couple of questions. Will she lose all of it? When will it grow back? Will it grow back the same colour?
    Thanks heaps for any info/your experiences.

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    Matilda started loosing her hair after 2 months. It took a few months to start growing back & it was a much lighter version of hair. Jovie now has started loosing hair as well... so we will see what colour grows back

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    Em was born with a headful of black hair. It all fell out between 3 and 4 months and grew back blonde. She looked pretty baldy for a couple of months before you would say she had a full head of hair again.
    Toby's hair has recently started to fall out, we think his will probably grow back blonde too.

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    Alexa was another one that had heaps of dark hair when born & then lost it all & become a baldy LOL... it is coming in nicely now but blonde now!!!!!

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