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Thread: 3 naps at 8 months? Is this Normal?

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    Question 3 naps at 8 months? Is this Normal?

    I was wondering if anyone else experienced their bubba still having 3 naps a day at 8 months? It seems unusual compared to what most people do and I was wondering if it is?
    He normally wakes by 5:30am, will have a bottle then go back to sleep for an hour at 7am, then for the rest of the day he will only last for around 2hrs up time before he starts rubbing his eyes again.
    Beau sleeps thru the night now from around 7pm so is getting lots of rest - he is super sctive when he is up too and on three solid meals a day and four bottles... He seems to be regressing tho as he used to stay up for 3hrs +
    Any ideas?

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    My bub is exactly the same - 3 naps at 8 months. I wouldnt worry about it too much. When they go through big stages (eg learning to crawl) then it must tire them out. As long as he seems to be happy and thriving then it would be fine. HTH.

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    Hi Jen,
    Lily does a similar thing sometimes too. It depends on how long her day sleeps are though. Today for example she woke at 7am, was back in bed at 9am up again at 9.40, asleep again at 11.45 awake 12.45. She will probably have another sleep again soon though I iwll try to keep her awake for 2 1/2-3hrs so she will sleep longer than 40mins.
    She is teething and she seems to sleep more when she's teething. Maybe Beau is teething again?

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    yeah sounds normal .. lucky you ... my ds was like that .. but now hes 14mths ... you cant get him near a bed ....

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    yep totally fine. DS at 12 months, if active enough will still have 2 - 3 (max) naps a day, and i am fine with that, when they sleep, they gow

    Dont panick, its all ok and just enjoy the added time that you have to put you feet up, clean the hosue etc!

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    I agree - I would enjoy it while you can.. My DS is 2.5 now and I am lucky to get 1 sleep a day. Good for you I reckon... LOL

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    Nattie is the same..and i too was wondering if it was ok and if it was maybe the reason its hard to get her to sleep at night.

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