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    Question 6 month Imms


    Just wondering how your bubs have gone at their 6 month immunisations? Have they reacted any worse to these than the previous ones?

    Laila got hers yesterday and has now got the hugest, red lumps on her legs..I know she will be fine, but far out, they look horrible! Poor love. I guess maybe it was the technique of the nurse that has resulted in it, more so than the vaccine itself because she hasn't reacted quite this bad before???


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    My DD reacted worse at the 6mth injections... but I KNOW it was the nurses technique and not the vaccine itself. I was mortified at how the nurse did it (I'm a nurse) and wasn't at all surprised my DD ended up with bruises, wouldn't move her leg, and had red lumps. She was also more hysterical at the time and more clingy for a few days.

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    yep i agree the 6 month ones where worse reaction wise!! red welts on legs as well

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    Yep Taia reacted worse at her 6mths imm! It was horrible! Sounds like it's pretty normal! phew!

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