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Thread: 8 month bub rolling in her cot!!

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    Default 8 month bub rolling in her cot!!

    Hi there,

    My baby girl (8 months) has started to roll onto her tummy in her cot. Sometimes she will fall asleep like this and other times she will cry out as she is stuck. I am nervous about her sleeping on her tummy because of sids.

    Any advice on how I can keep her on her back would be appreciated.

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    at 8 months she should certainly be strong enough to move her head so she doesn't suffocate into the mattress.... from about 4 months my dd rolled onto her belly to sleep, there really isn't anything you can do to stop them besides those sleep positioner things, but i think if she wants to sleep on her tummy let her.... she's obviously found her own comfy position she wants to sleep in. once they are mobile there isn't much you can do to stop them doing what they want in their cot...

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    Hi firstbub! My DD#2 is almost 8months and actually prefers her side and tummy. Although in the beginning I was concerned myself for the same reasons. Can your little girl roll back and forth when playing? If she can then she should be fine in her cot. The other thing that gave me confidence re: my DD was when I watched her play and she'd roll onto her tummy, after a while her neck would get tired and she'd lay her head down on the side. If you are concerned, I have heard of anti roll pillows but some mums have found that their little ones can roll over the top of them or push themselves up out of them cheeky rabbits! DD does every now and then get stuck on her tummy but I think its when she wakes up and is too tired to work out what to do next but she knows she just doesn't want to be on her tummy at that moment Not sure if any of this is helpful?

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    Hi Firstbub

    As long as she's not swaddled now, and there isn't a lot of rugs, or toys in her cot, I'm sure she is able to lift her head up and sleep on her tummy quite safely. There's not a whole lot you can really do, and I know it is scarey at first but I'm sure she will be ok

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    Hey firstbub

    My DD is 8 months as well and has been rolling around in her cot for a couple of months. At first I was worried as well but like the others have said there isn't a whole lot you can do about it. My DD prefers to sleep on her tummy now and as long as there aren't any loose blankets around then she should be fine!

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    I found that Charlie slept better when he started rolling as he found a comfortable position & that was usually on his tummy. It's just another developmental stage & can't be stopped. We don't have anything else in the cot besides the "blankie" that he cuddles so I'm not stressed as he was strong enough to hold his head up. But yes it's frustrating when they first start & cry out to be rolled over, we had this for a bit.

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    my dd has preferred his belly since he was 3-4mths old. I was worried at first, but he slept so much better on his tummy, i liked it! I also new he had alot of strength in his neck and back etc. I had a little lamb sleep thing, it has raised sides attached to some fabric that the baby sleeps on, each piece has velcro and it supports each side of the bub without moving or him being able to roll over it. There is heaps of them out there and it was about $20.00. but i would think at 8mths you should be ok!

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