thread: Aches & pains in a toddler?

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    May 2004

    Lucy... I have my fingers crossed that this all comes to an end very soon with no ill effects on Olivia... and you get some answers!

    I hope you are ok...


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    katanya Guest

    Oh wow Lucy, my hugest hugs to you, I have been where you are at for the past 7 months, it's one of the worse things imaginable when your baby has something wrong and they can't tell you what it is...I really hope they work out what is going on and she doesn't have to endure any more tests.

    I am thinking of you both :hugs:

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Thanks guys. Well, after 3 days of hell, we are home. I had to do a "I am woman, hear me roar" to get us discharged as they still can't come up with a diagnosis, but the hospital environment wasn't doing either of us any good, and Olivia is now totally fine in herself: no temp, great appetite, movement in her legs is all back.

    She has been pumped so full of antibiotics, which I can administer from home, and I will have to take her in to get blood tests (to check her white blood cell count) every 2 days for a fortnight to monitor the suspected infection around the joints of the right knee & right hip. But that is SO much more preferable than having to keep her caged in hospital.

    So, it is with great relief that we are finally home, she is tucked into her own bed, sound asleep, and I am off to my own lovely bed now.

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    mooshie Guest

    oh lucy

    good to see you and olivia are both home, it is much nicer for them to be tucked up in their own beds.

    you poor things you so don't need this right now with only 7wks to go. i hope they find out what the problem was/is and that it is not serious.

    take it easy.

    hugs to you and olivia

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    katanya Guest

    SO glad you are out of there and home..hope the antibiotics clear whatever it is up! I really feel for you being so pregnant and having to stay in that horrible hospital environment on those fold out beds..

    Big :hugs: for Olivia that she make a full recovery and enjoys sleeping in her own bed again (I know that you'll enjoy yours!)

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    I love our bed, I love our house, I love our dog, I love our view. I even love doing housework, and of course I love my daughter!

    Me & my girl had a lovely day at home yesterday, just pottering.

    She seems to be fine and has a huge appetite (ate about a gallon on Mummy's homemade tuna mornay) and is taking her antibiotics like a trooper and has had some lovely big sleeps (as I have too!). Her movement is totally back to normal......

    My SIL bought Perry (the dog) back up (she had been looking after him for us) and Olivia just about threw herself into his paws when she saw him: so cute! (He nearly licked her face off!!)

    So, looks like so far so good.

    And DH is finally back from overseas today and I am just about jumping out of my skin with excitement: have missed him SO much, and I know Olivia has too.......

    Thanks for all your support girls....it is so comforting knowing that you were all thinking of us.......

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    katanya Guest

    I even love doing housework
    It's funny isn't it that after being in that sort of environment where you can't do a thing for yourself, you relish even cleaning!!

    SO happy to hear she's back to normal..LOL at the dog and her reuniting..HOW CUTE!!

    Great news that your DH is back from overseas, he must have been really worried being so far away and not being able to be there!

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    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    Oh Lucy!

    I am so glad to read that Liv is doing so well, and that your life is getting back to normal!

    Yay at having Andrew home again!

    Hope Liv is well and truly on the mend and that she is bouncing off the walls before you know it!!

    Best wishes

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Great news Lucy that little Livvy is back to her old self!

    And yippee for DH coming home today too... you and Olivia must be so stoked!