thread: Age gaps between children?

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    Melinda Guest

    Age gaps between children?

    I'm interested to know what are the age differences between your children? How have the family dynamics altered with each addition to your family? How have your existing child/children responded to a new sibling?

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    Mar 2005


    Well Mel, Nyah is 3 and Will is 8mths, personally I would have liked them to be closer in age, but it's proved valid anyway as she's such a big help and understands things I tell her about him a little more than I guess she would if she was 2. Does that make sense?

    But my brother and I are only 13mths apart and we're very close, and according to mum we always have been, I looked after Cameron always, changed his bed if he wet it and slept with him if he was scared etc, so I guess it can work either way. If we have another Id like it to be soonish but DH says he wont even consider it till Will is 18 mths at least, but Im working on it.

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    Jan 2005
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    Hi Melinda!

    Mason and Angus are 22 months apart. They play together and fight together really well!

    Mason regressed a little bit when Angus was born with his speech. He stopped talking while I was in hospital and it was very hard to get him talking again. He didn't start talking again till he was around 2 1/2 and Angus was around 8mths old, but he seemed to catch up fairly quick like he was absorbing everything and just waiting to say it all. We were like high 5's all round when he started naming everyone in the photo album one afternoon out of the blue.
    I don't know if it also affected his toilet training or he was going to be late to train anyway.

    Angus is a lot more attached to me that Mason was at the same age. I am a bit concerned about how he would cope with a new addition. Even if I conceive soon he will be close to three when the new addition arrives so he could be quite different in his needs by then.

    The main problem I can see with this age gap is that I have two little ones with toddler sense. It can be hard especially when shopping or on our recent trip away.
    I conceived Angus when Mason was around 11 mths.

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    babies Guest

    I'm new in this forum!

    I have two babies: Gabriele and Serena. They have 3 years of different.

    When Serena is born Gabriele was not jealous. When I was in hospital any day Gabriele had a little present. I said him: "Serena has a present for you, because she likes her brother".
    When I left the hospital, we went to the mauntain. Infact it was in August and olso my husband was at home for summer holidays. So I had many halp and I had my time only for Sere and olso for Gabry.
    Now Gabry loves Sere and Sere loves Gabry. They do any things together. They ask me anather brother or sister
    I work in Milan, any day I'm out home from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm, but for house working there is a woman.
    Gabriele go to infant scholl from the age of 3 years, when Sere is born. All my time is for children and I hope working part time very soon.

    By by!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    I have a small gap and a big one
    When Emily was born Alecia was 11yo... it was great!! She is such a little mummy and is a great help around the house.

    When I had Violet Emily was almost 17mo, I would've loved to have had them closer, but that was not to be. The main reason I wanted them close together was so they could occupy each other. I had Alecia by herself for so long. She was always bored and nagging at me to do things. So I swore the next child I had was going to have a sibling very close in age... and I have that and am veeery happy.


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    May 2004

    There is a just over 2yrs between Kimberley and Alexander. We are planning on having another one and will start trying at the end of the year/start of next year.

    Kimberley is really good with Alexander much better than i thought she would have been.
    She loves to play next to him when he is having floor time and gets upset when he cries.

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    Apr 2004
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    Cait will be four when #2 arrives. I originally wanted two - three years between them, but things didn't work out that way.

    There are two little golden books we read, one called 'jennys baby brother' and another called 'the new baby' which deal in a real lightweight way (as golden books do !) with the arrival of a new baby.

    She asks every day if the baby is kicking ! and every now and then she talks to my bump and tells it what she has done that day. She's happy to have a new room (with a rainbow wall) while the baby has her old room and I just hope I'm not too grumpy from being tired when he/she arrives.


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    Jun 2005

    we were hoping for a three year age gap with our DS so started TTC just after he turned two but we are still trying (we are on our our first ivf cycle). This means that there will be about a 4 and a half year age gap. my brother and i are 4 1/2 yrs apart and we get on really well. i guess really it is each to thier own. everyone has different reasons for choosing age gaps and others have just got to wait for nature to comply!

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    Jun 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    We have 3 years and 9 months between our boys and let me tell you, so far not one issue at all.

    The ONLY stressful event was in the beginning weeks whenever I was feeding, ChunkyBoy would want attention. We continued to explain to him that we needed quiet time to feed the little guy and made a point of putting aside special 'big boy and mum' time - worked a treat and now they just love each other to death - very cute.

    Wouldn't consider another till ChubbyBubby is at least 3.

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    Mar 2005
    Carrum Downs VIC

    My first lot of kids have a 2 year gap between them and then came Kayne.....12 years after the younger of the 2.
    The girls are going thought that stage of annoying each other. The 14 year old just snobs her off etc. But they both love Kayne and spend sooo much time with him. When I first told them I was pregnant there were heaps of tears. But once he was born .........well you could not get him out of their arms.
    They are a great help when they are not being selfish and just thinking about themselves.

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    Melinda Guest

    Were any of you worried about how your other children would react to a new baby? I mean, when you were PG, did you worry about your other child/children?

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    Mar 2005
    Carrum Downs VIC

    I was worried about how they would react to the new bubs - Kayne. I eally thought that they would resent him and the time that I would have to sepnd with him. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. They do have their jelaous moments and selfish moments. Like when I say I cant do something cos it doesnt fit in with Kaynes schedule - the eldest really cracks it.
    Or when I buy him some new clothes - they say well you just spent $XX on him - can we have $xx. Like what...I never clothe you guys !!!!!
    But all in all - its really great. Now if I can talk them into being ok with another one.......... O