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Thread: Age gaps between siblings

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    I hear you Tan! I hate it when people feel they can ask you why you have such big gaps.

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    I had mine 15mths apart 2 girls and yes it is hard especially when you have no family near you at all. It is a 5 hr plane flight .

    But at the end of the day i am happy we had them close together and i am one proud mummy to my girls. As everyone else has said it is someones opinion and don't let it get to you if anything try and proove people completely wrong!!! Thats what i do.

    Yes i had the same negative vibes when i fell preggas again and guess what now they all can't believe i cope so well and how good and well behaved the girls are as well as helpful. Its an ongoing sarga and i put it down to jealousy with these so called negative find anything you can to put someone down people!!!!

    To All mum's that have been through this stay positive, hold your head high and be god dam proud!!! You all do one terrific job.


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    People often think the best gap is the one they have. I had my first two 21 months apart and while it was hard at first, I like the way they are still close now as teenagers. I would have promoted this as ideal.

    Now I have a 13 and 15 year age gap and am finding it great at the moment . The older ones are loving it and so I am I . Those extra hands come in handy in the early days.

    IMO No matter what the gap it depends on family dynamics and personalities.

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