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Thread: Another where to buy question

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    Red face Another where to buy question

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place - move it if you need to!

    I read in Practical Parenting about a mothers group that got t-shirts for their bubs with their names printed on them (the babies names). They were really cute and looked like nice quality tops (little scalloped cuffs and nice font for the printed names).

    Does anyone know of a good website or place in South or East Melbourne that would sell good quality tops (not the mass produced ones) at a reasonable price?


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    Im not really sure, I have seen personalised t-shirts on ebay but im not sure what the quality would be.

    I have a shirt with my name on, very good quality, i wore it when pg with ds and it still stayed in shape! And it came from myers. Not sure if that would help though!

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    Try either well spotted or Baby Clothing - Baby Clothes - Baby Clothes Online I've seen them on there before.


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