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    Hi Everyone

    This is a really dumb question but i am curious to know.
    My friend and i go walking everyday at lunch time, the flies at the moment are so bad but they do not hang around her and all swarm to me. Today with the humid weather they were absolutely shocking and i am not lying when i say i think there were literally hundreds around me. Put it this way, in between laughing at how bad they were i started to cry (that sounds so pathetic, my emotions are all over the place).
    Anyway my question is, am i letting off some different scent now that i am pregnant? I have never experienced anything like it.
    Maybe i just smell
    Again, apologies for the obscure question, if nothing else i hope you can get a giggle at the silly thing that made me cry.

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    Well it wouldnt surprise me at all. You should look in the pets thread to see how many cats get all gooey over their pregnant owners!
    OR Just put it down to your sheer magnetism!

    ps. Don't cry over that! Save the tears for when you run out of chocolate. lol. Don't you love hormones?!?

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    I dont know bout the smell but do you wear lighter clothes than you friend, i know when I wear white and a friend has a dark shirt on any flies around will come near me

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    i noticed that too. flies r p***ing me off at the mo.

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    You might be letting off a different scent... has you skin changed? I've noticed with this preg my skin has gone oily and in the mornings I think I smell a little "sour". My dog has already started sniffing my tummy even tho I'm only 12 weeks - last preg he started doing that around 20 weeks. So maybe he remembers the smell?

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    We have lots of flies and mosquitoes here in the summer. (It is the one good thing about winter no bugs) Sometimes they are so bad I won't even go outside. The sprays kind of work but you can't use them when pregnant. I remember going for a walk when pregnant and only going about 100m before I couldn't take it any more. They were just swarming me and even if they didn't bite I would have been very stressed. I didn't find anything made much difference except mosquitoes like people who eat bananas. So I only buy them in the winter.

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    Don't worry about crying over silly things jamnik - I had an absolute tanty over a bobby pin when I was about 24 weeks. Yes, that's right, a bobby pin. I actually stamped my foot and swore black and blue at it.

    (Considering that I'd managed to stay calm through eight weeks of planning to move interstate, four weeks of packing, and all of the stress that goes with it, I figured that I did pretty well to lose it over something as inconsequential as a hair accessory... LOL!).

    Congrats BTW on your pregnancy - you must be so excited!!

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