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Thread: Any one else experienced this?

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    Question Any one else experienced this?

    Hi everyone! Well it's a bit of a long story but I'll do my best to keep it short! I'm thinking of taking her to the doc to get checked out but thought I would see if anyone else has experienced this before I made the appt!

    My DD is a few days short of 8months! We returned from a 2month trip to Tassie last week and she's been really unsettled since then! We stayed with her grandparents and her aunty so she was spoilt rotten with attention all day every day. Since we have been back she's not been sleeping well at night. Will take her a long time to go down and then she will wake around 10.30pm and it will be a struggle to get her back down. And then she will wake every 1-2hours in the night and needs cuddles to go back to sleep. I find when I try and put her down - she will wake up after a few minutes and will only sleep in my arms. This is not like her at all! I wrap her up to sleep.

    I'm also increasing her solids to 2 per day - she is FF as well. She used to poop every 1-2 days just once...but now she is pooping a few times per day and it's quite wet....I'm not used to this!

    She also has a runny nose and is cutting 2 teeth...not sure if this factors into it or not!

    I'm not sure if it's all because a change of scene and people...but the sleep thing is getting really hard!

    Hope someone else has experienced all of this! lol


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    My bub has similar symptoms - until he lost his voice last week. The doc said it was a virus.

    Is she also pulling her ears? And out of curiosity (don't need to answer this one) - are either yourself or your DH/DP experiencing similar bowel habits? I was when my bub was sick - but I just thought I was stressed. Definately take to the docs though.

    BTW - when I took Pip's temperature, it was perfectly normal - except his voice told me there was something wrong!

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    Thanks Caro!

    Kazbah - Yes she is pulling at her ear but she does that anyway when she's it's hard to tell

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    Hey Natty. It really is hard to tell, hey. I think you're doing the right thing going to the drs.
    Having said that, my Natty is always unsettled for a few nights after a holiday. For us, it was a holiday that sparked a long road of frequent night-wakings. I'm sorry, I don't want to scare you - just because it was this way for us doesn't mean it will be for you. After our last holiday, she took about a week and a bit to get back to her normal pattern.
    Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon, and get back into the swing of things at home. All the very best to you!

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