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    Nov 2006

    Baby Modelling

    I read a few old threads on the subject but would be interested to see what people have to say now: either you have a child/children in an agency or you're thinking about it.

    I sent Mackenzie's pictures off to Bubblegum and Tinlids more out of curiosity than anything. Of course it would be lovely if she had her picture in a catalogue but I'm certainly not setting my heart on her being famous! LOL. We all think our own baby's are just gorgeous and I figured someone else might need her face for their particular product!

    anyway any thoughts??

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    Feb 2007
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    I applied with DD in an angency last year, she was accepted but soon after I seperated from my DH & moved to QLD so didn't end up joining the agency.

    I'm thinking about taking her back next year. It's nothing huge, just catalogues etc like you mentioned above.

    I agree, every parent does think their child is the most gorgeous & I think thats great (& only natural )

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    Dec 2005
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    I'm just wondering about costs. Most places have a fee of few hundred dollars don't they? I'm interested in knowing how many people have actually made back the money they originally set out and how many haven't.

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