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    vanessapete Guest

    baby photos

    Hi all
    I want to get baby photos done,i have some good ones i've taken already but i don't have much lying around prop wise so i was thinking pixi photos????? have heard some bad reports from other people about the quality and price?? or what about little masterpiece?? have heard nothing about this company?? any feedback on quality,price and any other places would be great. I am in sydney. Thanx


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
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    Sorry Vanessa I haven't done any photo's for Matilda....I'm not sure... I have seen some gorgeous pixi photos of some of the baby boys here though

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    Hi Vanessa

    I had both the boys down thru Pixi.

    If you want to check out their pics feel free to click their links in my signature. Both of their pages have a side menu with a link that says pixi fotos.

    Lachlans was just over $300, for a 4 pose collection, but we got a free 10x13 then we could choose any other photo (the take a max of 7 poses) and get it done in 10x13 (b&W) or 8x10(sepia) for free. So we did a different pose to the 4 we paid for and had it printed in sepia turned out great.


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    Hi Vanessa,

    I had Aidyn photos done at GFP studios... I assume they are in most states, but would probably have way fewer locations than pixie foto.
    Check out my www link to see those pics of Aidyn if you like.
    I think it was around $300 for a whole package of 3 poses, or you can just pick and choose them individually if you like.

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    Aug 2003

    I found pixie photos werent that great, but it was more to do with the people taking the photos, as they didnt spend the time getting Ashy to relax and be happy, were really pushy, and were telling me to 'put her hands there, make her do this, turn her this way' and Ash just got aggitated and the photos we rank.
    I cant remeber the name of the other ones, but we got them done in the middle of a shopping centre without planning anything and they were fantastic.
    There is also a place in Melb where i got some done, cant remember the name of them either, will find it and post it later, but he was fantastic. I did spend a fortune on them, but he took the pics at the caufield park, was just brilliant and spent 2 hours with me to do them up on a photo board and made sure i was 100% happy with everything.
    I have probably had Ashlea's pics done professionally 6 times, and pixie were the worst in my experience.
    If you can afford it, go to a really great (yes, expensive) professional place cause they grow up too quick and i adore my huge big photoboard pics

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    Vanessa Guest

    I have had Liam's photos taken at both Little Masterpiece and Pixie photos. I take a lot of photos and was disappointed with both. Pixie's images both locations I went to werent centred and there was a lot of empty space in the photo.

    Little Masterpiece studios which are move around your local shopping centres, I felt personally to be the better. The price was reasonable, and the images 100% better than Pixie's I was disappointed only because on my most favourite photo taken the flash didnt go off properly.

    When Little Masterpiece studios come again to my local shopping mall, I will go back, but I am also considering a local photographer who is 1/3 of the price of both companies and you get the negatives.

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    Aug 2003

    The spirit of childhood it's called.
    He takes heaps and heaps of photos and you can pick which ones you want and how they are presented, and they are just so so lovely

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    vanessapete Guest

    Thanks for the replies, will let u know how i go..

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    Jul 2004

    Does GFP Studios have a website?

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    Nov 2003
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    I haven't been happy with Pixi photos either, but I too believe it is the quality of the camera person. I have used a ompnay called Precious moments, and they id some lovely photos and also went to Portrait place at Myers, they were great photos too. Also the Australian Portrait Gallery were really great, had Jessica and Jemma done by them last Oct, and I was rapt with the photo's, speaking of which, we are due for pics again.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Marcia Guest

    We got Hudsons done at Portrait place at Myers when he was 3 weeks old. They turned out really well, especially seeing as he decided to cry for no reason at all for almost half an hour once we got there lol. The girl taking the photos was really calm about it and just told us to take our time with him. The price sounds similar to all the others mentioned here, but can't remember exactly. One hint though, if they offer a free photo that you have to choose at the time they are taken make sure it is one of just your bub unless you really feel like you are looking and feeling fab. We were convinced by the photographer to chose the family shot and in the end hated it because I looked frumpy (like I'd just had a baby ROFL) and DH looked dead tired. We wish we'd just picked one of Hudson as they were much nicer.

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    I've recently had some pixi foto shots done and they are fabulous. My two boys were the most feral unco-operative monkeys and I was fully prepared for the shots to be a disaster. The lady who took the photos was really nice, and was just as surprised as I was.
    I couldn't leave any behind so I've got a 7 shot collection for $350 and a free 16x20.
    I think I don't need to get any done for a few years now so I think it was worth the money. The only problem is with pixi is that they destroy the negatives after 6 months, so if you think you might want to get the pics later you can't, or if photos get destroyed it's bad luck.

    Cute bath shot on signiture BTW!

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    Tegan - I can not seem to find an official website for GFP Studios, so maybe if you have a look in your Yellow pages you might find it?
    If you still can't, then send me a PM and I will have a search through my stuff to see if I can find some contact details for you.

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    75kezza Guest

    GFP studio

    i went yesterday and this is the cutomer service number 1300 360 445 but they are in clayton vic not sure if they have other locations but they did my daughters hospital photos.

    i had christmas photos with pixi and i did pick one but wasn't extemly happy

    the australian portrat gallery are good really love photo taken of son got all

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    baby_mama Guest

    I got my little bubba's pictutres done at portrait place in Myers when she was 4 months old. They were really good with all of the shots taken. Jacinta was kept amused throughout the whole session and the photos turned out a treat. We got a huge discount because I won a competition where the photos were half price. We got six poses, six of each photo, in six different sizes so we got heaps of photos of her. They also framed all the big photos for us (for free) and also gave us two free gifts valued at $80 (glass photo frame & glass clock). The recommended price for all of the shots would have been $2365, but we got it a huge discounted price of $550. It's really worth it cause the photos turn out so beautiful!

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    Apr 2004
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    Hi - portrait place and pixie photos are owned by the same company.

    I've been to a few pixie photo places - I don't know if they treat you any different if you go in with the freebie vouchers, but they always seem to be rushed, snap snap snap and you're out. I find their photos grainy and have only bought one complete lot at Christmas one year, when we were all in them.

    I also take pics at home, when Cait was little I put a black satin sheet over the TV stand and put her naked with some black and white stuffed penguins on the sheet, that was fun. You can't lose with B&W film, things come out great.


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    Pietta Guest

    We had Ryley's pics taken at 2 weeks old at Pixi and they were okay- nothing too flash- i thought i could have taken them jus tas well myself. The chick was really rude and rough so i wont begoing back even with the freebie voucher.

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    Feb 2005
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    this is an interesting thread for me because i am a professional photographer.

    baby photos arent a huge part of my business as yet, but i expect that i will change that as my own come along.

    i am amazed though at what people pay for pixie etc!! with all of my portrait shoots people simply pay a 'sitting fee' then choose what to buy, with no obligation. then if they spend over $150 they get their sitting fee back. it just makes me wonder if more people would use local photographers over pixie if they knew more about them? is it the convenience of them coming to the shopping centre that makes you choose them (most independant photographers can even come to your house).

    just curious to know. i am not knocking pixie at all, i think they do a good job, i am just looking at this from a competitors point of view!