thread: Baby waking in the night again!

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    Baby waking in the night again!

    Hi there,

    My baby girl is nearly 5 months old and fully breastfed. Since about 2 months she would go to bed at night about 7, have a feed just before I go to bed and then sleep until 5 -6am. The last couple of weeks though she has been waking up at 1-2 for a feed and then up at 5.30. Daylight savings have started here so I don't know if that is the problem.

    She is also a bit harder to settle in her cot and seems to want more cuddles. Sometimes it will take an hour for her to get to sleep.

    Just a few questions. Do you think her waking up is a sign that she needs more food? (ie should I start solids?).

    Anyone have any similar experiences?

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    Has your DD got any teeth yet? my children have always seemed unsettled during the night a week or two before their teeth pop through. Having said that babies often do change there sleeping paterns during growth spurts.

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    Daniel did EXACTLY the same thing. We just persisted with letting him know that we are running the place - not him, and that he is in bed to sleep.

    It seems to have worked.

    My CHN said it is because at about 5 to 6 mths they start to remember that they like you and that you aren't around - separation anxiety.

    I just go down to his room - say soothing things, put his dummy back in and say "goodnight" every time. He soon went back to sleeping through again. It took a couple of months though.

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