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Thread: Baby wont settle for DF!

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    Chele Guest

    Question Baby wont settle for DF!

    Hi girls,

    My DF is getting very frustrated that our DD wont settle for him in the evenings.

    I am breastfeeding but around 6ish we give her a bottle which my DF likes to do or just a cuddle if she is not hungry. Problem is she wont stop crying. This is the witching hour for DD anyway but no matter what he does she just screams. He gives her to me I do the same thing and within a minute she is quiet.

    I have thought of placing one of my Tshirts on his chest so she can smell me, will try that tomorrow.

    Help, any ideas.

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    Hiya Chele. Tallon is the same, and won't settle for DH. As soon as I take him he settles. I haven't got any suggestions.. I have blamed the breastfeeding for it Your DF feeding a bottle in the evenings may work if you keep it up. We haven't done that, so Tallon is probably used to being put on the boob to be settled.

    Sorry I can't really help! I'm hoping he'll grow out of it eventually. Probably as he gets older and understands things a bit better he'll settle with DH.

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    I think what Theresa said is spot on
    Get DF to do more for her when she is calm, like bathing and nappy changing so that when the arsenic hour comes along she may be more responsive toward him . The tshirt trick may work too. Good luck!

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    Jodie259 Guest


    The other thing to try is to get skin on skin contact between DD & DF. Get him to open his shirt up (or take it off) - and let DD feel the body heat. My hubby thinks that my DS won't like his hairy chest... but my DS just loves the warmth of skin.

    And does he do the "Shhooosh, Shhooosh" sound in her ear?

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    Kaitlyn is FF and has been like this for the last couple of months as well ...they just love their mummies :-)

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    My Patrick is the same, except it is with me! There are times when noone but DH can hold him, he whinges for me but settles for dh.

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    Chele Guest


    Thanks girls for your replies.

    Yesterday a miracle happened. She was actually so settled. We had our 6-8 week check up at the clinic sister and I suggested to her that maybe she has reflux. My first had this so I was aware of what to do and was keeping her elevated. The thing we did differently last night was put a pillow under her head on the change table (clinic sister suggested this) and OMG NO SCREAMING.

    DF was also able to feed her and put her to bed. Oh the other thing is she was feeding every 2 hours and has seemed to slip into a bit of a routine so hopefully that sticks as it will work out well when the kids go back to school.

    But I will definatley try everyones suggestions next time it happens...

    Wish me luck

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