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Thread: Baby's ear pierced?

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    I wasn't allowed to have mine done until I finished Primary school and it was my "graduation present". I had my second ones done at 18 and the top of my ear done at 26 (a present to myself after my separation!).

    Emma got hers done when she asked for them at 5. I looked around for ages to find a place that would do them both at once. I didn't want her to get one done and then not get the other one done. She was able to look after them herself and loves to look at earrings when we go shopping.

    Asha will get hers done when she asks for them to be done ... I did think about it when she was a baby but decided that she should be the one to make the decision.

    We have offered to get Jack's done but he keeps chickening out. He keeps saying maybe later. One day I am sure he will and when he asks then we will get it done. Maybe I can convince him for his birthday this year?


    I honestly think it is a personal choice ... I know plenty of people who have had their babies ears done ...

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    My step sister got her girl's ears pierced when they were 1 and 3.... the 1 year old's went really well and she didn't touch them. The 3 year old's got infected (though she didn't play with them either) and had to let them heal over.

    I'll be letting Gabby decide whether or not she wants earrings when she is 5. I had mine done when I was 5 and so did my 3 sisters - so it's kind of a family tradition. We all had them done then put in charge of cleaning and rotating the earring in the morning and before we went to bed. I had one ear done and cried sooo much saying that I didn't want the other one done. Dad had to bribe me with lollies AND McDonalds... hehehe.

    The way I figure it, it doesn't hurt any more than the kids getting injections so, if it's tickles your fancy, get it done. I'd just rather wait until Gabby is at an age where she can say yes or no.... I have no doubt in my mind she'll say yes tho! Every 5 yo girl wants earrings!! hehehe

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    a little off topic but my SIL had her son's right ear pierced when he was about 8 months old only so they could put a massive diamond in it. personally i think it's a bit too bling-bling for a bub that young to be so.. err.. bling-bling ! since then they've been trying to convince me that ethan should have one too so they can match!

    like fi says, i guess my family are just a bit more conservative in some ways..

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