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Thread: Basinette to Cot?

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    Default Basinette to Cot?

    DD is getting a bit big for the basinette now and would like her in the cot in the next few weeks due to her length but am worried about 2 things:
    1. The cot won't fit in our room and I am worried about missing her (in the next room....) (my separation anxiety!)
    2. She doesn't cry for feeds but I just know by her movements that she is awake for a feed. I won't be able to hear her moving in the next room, so how will I wake during the night for her? She can go anywhere between 3 and 6 hrs during the night for a feed so me waking regularly won't help and a monitor won't pick her moving sounds up.
    Also, will she be sad away from me?
    Any ideas?

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    Hi Deirdre, I guarantee you will know when she is awake in the next room! When you have a baby you get a weird radar that picks up on the SLIGHTEST sound/movement. My DS is two rooms away in his cot and has been from birth and I have never missed the signal of when he has woken for a feed. Babies are great at letting us know when they are hungry! You could try a monitor for peace of mind. Maybe even trial her for one night and see how you cope. I'm sure she won't be sad while she is away from you, she will be too busy sleeping!

    Good luck

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    I am with Trish on this one... I guarantee that you will not let her sounds go un-noticed - even in the next room. She will be fine, you never know she might love it that much she might sleep through for you. When she is awake and hungry I am sure she will let you know and you will hear her. Give her a go and see how it all goes. Good Luck xxoo

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    I agree with the othes - your internal radar will pick up her sounds.
    I had Noah in a moses basket in our room at the start, and i started with moving him into his room in the basket to begin with - maybe this will helpboth of you? I think I did it for one portion of the night the first night and it was so ok that then i moved thebasket into his room full time.
    When he was then too big for the basket, about a week later I think, I easily moved him to his cot - i thought he would struggle with it but it was not a prob at all.
    FWIW he started sleeping a lot better when i moved him into his own room, i think i was actually getting up to him too quickly (when he moved or shifted and not when he was awake and hungry) and I would think he slept through within a couple of nights of being in the next room to me.
    Good luck I know how hard it is for us mummys emotionally but if she is like Noah she will adjust faster and easier than you expect!

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    i think i was actually getting up to him too quickly (when he moved or shifted and not when he was awake and hungry) and I would think he slept through within a couple of nights of being in the next room to me.
    totally agree....samantha is still in a bassinett - but in her own room, and we are ALL sleeping so much better. Every stir, gurgle, fart, i used to jump outta bed to attend to her....
    Sam does not cry either when she wakes in the night....kinda just moans and tries to talk (its rather cute)....i hear it in the next room. So you should be fine. us mothers have been fine wired to hear this kinda stuff.
    Oh and as for the attachment thing....i cried the first night she moved into the next room....i too felt like i was going to miss her...but it really has worked out for the best.
    Good Luck !!
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    We've just moved DS (8weeks) into his own room into a cot for the same reason, plus he's a noisy sleeper. We've got a 12yr old monitor borrowed from family and that picks up movement noises too - it's amazing how much noise he makes with a nappy, the matrass protector and his wrap on before he even starts to cry and he gurgles away to himself too. To make the transition easier on all of us we started by putting him in there for his day sleeps to start with and then this week at night as well. Actually considering not using the monitor in a few weeks because we still hear all his noise and DH has trouble falling asleep with it... once asleep, different scenario - typically doesn't hear a thing!

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    i would purchase a monitor and sleep with the doors open for the first few nights till you feel comfortable, i had the luxury of moving out a piece of furniture from my room to replace it with the cot this did tho mean pulling apart and putting it back togethor again. Its always hard to be separated to start with no mater how many children you have had. Some times i think its worse on you than on them. i also think its a great idea to start with day sleeps till you get used to it this i also did

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    I do have a monitor which I sometimes use and sometimes not (it is a movement monitor too so we leave it on in his room but only put our receiver on in our room sometimes) - we do have doors open and i hear everything...
    it feels hard and awfult o do, like MBear said, but you will feel a lot better for it I am sure and everyone will sleep beter
    good luck!

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