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Thread: Bedding Delimma? Use the portacot permanently??? help

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    Default Bedding Delimma? Use the portacot permanently??? help

    Well expecting Bub # 2 in about 6 months.
    DD will be 1 year 4 months.

    We can keep bub #2 in a bassinette until DD is 18-19 months old but then will need her cot?

    She is too young for a bed then still isnt she? Can she sleep in the portacot permanently until she is old enough?

    Or do we have to buy a 2nd cot?

    when do they go to a big bed?

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    DD1 will be 17 months soon and going into a big bed (single not a toddler bed). DD2 outgrew her cradle very quickly and has since been in a porta cot (from about 2-3 months old...nearly 6 months now). We bought a proper matress and everythign for it.

    We were going to buy a 2nd cot but then thought it was pointless cos we wouldnt be having to kids so close together again, hence no need for it.

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    My DS was able to sleep in a bed from 14 months but we co-slept in our bed so he was used to a bed. We tried him in his own bed at 14 months and he did sleep in there though preferred our bed. I know others have started from 12 months too so it might be worth a try?

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    THis is what i have been thinking.
    DD has been in a portacot for the past 7 weeks and will be in it for another 7 weeks (as we are staying with family/friends etc and dont have our cot, so it wouldnt be any different for her.

    Where did you get a mattress from? Did you have to get it made especially.

    At the moment we only have a sheep skin on top of the hard base and then a sheet.

    DD is 10 months at the moment and sleeps in a sleeping bag.
    I dont know if she would know what to do with sheets and she would fall out of the bed in the sleeping bag - how did you make this transition


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    We got the mattress from Baby Buntings

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    HI PP

    Will was in a portacot for a long long time as i couldn't face Oscar getting up all the time so we did what Kim did and bought a decent mattress (from baby west i think) for it and he certainly didn't mind. Oscar didn't go into a big bed until around 2 1/2 when he could physically climb out of the cot with the side up - it was perfect timing and we didn't have any trouble with getting him to stay put or getting him to sleep.
    Battling the with the oldest about bed time is the last thing i wanted when i had two!

    Good luck and leave it until you're ready, in my opinion abit later is better than sooner as they understand better where they are supposed to be and stay!

    Julie x

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    We actualley moved our DD into her big bed just after her 1st birthday in prep for our DS arriving and she has taken to it really well.

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    Definitly not to young for a bed either a single or a toddler bed. our Ds2 was 16 months and went onto a single bed and Ds3 was 20 months and went into a toddler bed...

    as for using a porta cot no problem there. A friend of mine used one from birth till just a few months ago with her daughter who was 2 in december, they had sold thier cot as their son was 5..

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    Our son went in too a proper bed (ensemble) at 12mths old, about 3mths before our new baby came along and he did just fine. He slept with a bedrail for about 6 weeks and then we removed it because he hated it. No problems and he has slept through every night since IN his bed. They say its best to move them BEFORE the new baby comes as then there is no jealousy issues of "thats MY bed" towards the cot. If she is walking then I wouldnt be concerned about falling out but if she crawls then it might be an issue as its not habit to put legs first, you know?

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