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Thread: Best advice / Worst Advice

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    I have been severely dissappointed by the people around me. I have received nothing but bad advice and old wives tales. I gave myself some good advice....... " do what you reckon is good", and this is working out great got a really happy, healthy baby on my hands.

    Lots of worsts:
    At 6 weeks he will change dramatically - ERR, no...... that doesn't happen (maybe for some babies it does) until 3 months. Boy was I depressed when nothing changed at week 6!! They're still newborns at week 6!!
    His head is flat, you need to roll his head at night - project "round head" does not interest me. Once he's asleep, I ain't touchin' him!!! BTW - his head isn't flat.
    Don't let him sleep in your bed, you'll roll over and kill him - he is still alive and well. The problem with this is that when he isn't in our bed I have nightmares because I am sure DH has rolled over on him. DH has to assure me he is not in our bed. I've woken up in cold sweats over this one.

    Do what you like and poo poo the nay sayers!!

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    Best advice- if you want to have a healthy baby, breastfeed him till he is at least a year.

    worst advice-from my mother-in-law, ur 3month old baby is just not sleeping during the day because your are breastfeeding him. that is the price u pay if u wana breastfeed ur baby.

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    oh wow,love this thread

    Best - go with your INSTINCTS

    Worst - oh soo many. Love this one from my MIL- DS had a snuffly nose and she told us to prop his cot mattress up AT THE FEET so his "snot" runs to his throat so he can cough it up (OMG and choke no doubt). WHat the heck! LOL.

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