hi FJ, i thought I would bump this thread up, as I had been searching the internet about the " V " shape mark on Olivia's forehead, which you can see in the gallery. Anyway I had found that it is a Angel kisses birthmark, then I decided to search BB and came across your post. I like the name of this too, as I like to believe that my dad Olivia's poppy was with her helping her come to me and is still with her helping her become victorious and prove to all the Dr's that she is perfectly fine. So now having the thought of Angel kisses in mind seems such a nice way to look at her birthmark, although I would very much like it to disapear and have hope that it will eventually.
Has your DD's one gone, or still noticable? I too have noticed that her mark becomes more noticable when crying, hot etc. Since her birth with her prominent v birthmark, she will always be known to me by nickname as my "v".