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Thread: Blankies

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    Joshua really became attached to his "wobby" (blankie) at about 7 months.

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    We gave Emily a blankie thing when she was about six months old but she actually didn't get really attached to it until she was about 18 months.
    Now she won't sleep without it and if "mermer" is missing then NO ONE sleeps! LOL.

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    My DS has used this one blanket (bright orange - just like his hair!) since he was about... 6 months old, although it has been in his cot since he was born.
    When he was about 18 months, he went through this HORRIBLE phase where he couldn't bear to be away from "blanket". It got to the point where I was sneaking it away to wash it, because the sight of it on the line sent him into hysterics, he absolutely LOVES his blanket. Unfortunately, this hasn't lessened much, although now he is okay with giving blanket a "bath" - thankfully!
    I've been told to hack it into pieces and give him pieces of it to sleep with. Yeah, the only issue with that is - its his BLANKET, meaning its one of the coverings he uses at night, and for naps during the day (when we're lucky enough to have them!) so I can't give him a square of it to sleep with, as he wraps himself up in it! Sheesh!
    One person even told me to cut off one bit and frame the rest, and hang it on his wall! OMG cruelty!
    Blankies truly are a mixed blessing...

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