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Thread: chamomile tea to settle baby?

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    Default chamomile tea to settle baby?

    Is chamomile tea OK to give to bubs when she's a bit unsettled between b/feeds? My mum n sister swear by it and keep telling me to give it to bub on the odd occasion when she's quite unsettled -but I am not so sure if it is "allowed". If it is ok, do u just make a weak tea using cooled boiled water and give just a little - say 40mls or so? How often would u be able to give it?

    Has anyone used chamomile tea for their unsettled baby with any success?

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    I wouldn't introduce it before 6 months because I don't think babies need anything other than BM before 6 months.
    I think that chamomile tea does have some calming effects but not more than the calming effects of the hormones etc stimulated by breast-feeding.
    I think it's better for older babies and toddlers than young babies.

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    I really have no idea but i just thought i would mention i seen chamomile tea for babies at my local health food shop, They had some for 4mths+ & some for 6mths+... I thought it was for colic though, Do you know why she is un-settled? Maybe there would be something else to help her.

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    My naturopath said not to, esp if they are b/f.
    What you can do is put a cup or thereabouts of chamomile tean in to the baby's bathwater.
    It will still have a nice effect (and is especially good for consitpation for future reference..)

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    Yes, i used it and still do and would for my next bubba, but like dach said not really before 6 months (not sure how old your baby is?)

    I think i gave it to her once or twice before she was 6 months though.

    Anotehr trick you could use is to rub some diluted lavendar oil into the soles of bubs feet - very calming on babies! (just try it yourself!!) mix about 1 drop pure lavendar oil into about 10 mils of almond oil, and with a little chamomile tea you will have one very chilled baby

    if you are game and bub is no longer on breast milk another old thingy which my relos swear by is to put some poppy seeds into bubs milk and then drain before giving it to them...... tehn you have one VERY chilled bubba!!! (never game enough to do that one myself, though, i think i would use it next time)
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