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Thread: change in behaviour since 18 month vaccine

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    Default change in behaviour since 18 month vaccine

    Nina had her 18 month vaccination (chicken pox) last week, and ever since her behaviour has been unbearable. She is very irritable, where she's usually a very happy little girl, she's gone off her food and is crying a lot of the time.
    Has anyone else had this happen to their todder?

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    Yep, Ambah's been a right little bugger the last week or so Her behaviour is the pretty typical 18 month old stuff though, if you're concerned, definately get in touch with your GP or CHN.

    Hopefully she'll be back to her normal cheerful self for you soon hun.

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    theres a 3-5% chance of them actually getting chicen pox after the vaccine - maybe get her checked out?

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    Yeah, I would get her checked out Jodi. Even if it's just for peace of mind

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    My DD was the same after that injection... She got better after a couple of weeks, its the age thing and if the needle upset her as well, i can understand her behavior. I just went with the flow and it got better.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I did read about that small chance of actually contracting it. I'm going to take her to the dr, cause it doesn't seem to be normal toddler behaviour. I think she's coming down with something, but just can't work out what it is. She was vomiting last night (as was I) so maybe it's a bug or something.

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    Hi Jodi, how did the doctor go?

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    Hey jodi.
    Sounds exactly what Jesse is like at the moment, and he hasnt had it yet (will do next Tuesday). He's been really funny with his food, whereas prior he'd eat anything. He's been easy grumpy and has tanties at the drop of the hat if he doesnt get what he wants.
    Might just be the stage theyre going through.. starting to learn how to push the boundaries and unfortunately us sometimes.
    Hope shes ok otherwise.

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    She's definitely coming down with something. Last night was an awful night. She's running a fever, has a cold and a cough. Could be the flu or gastro. Who knows. Dr couldn't really put his finger on it, but she's definitely out of sorts. Fingers crossed once she gets over it, she'll go back to being a lot less unsettled.

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