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Thread: Chlorinated pools and excema

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    Default Chlorinated pools and excema

    Hi all, my DD is 5 months old and seeing as the weather in Perth has been ridiculously hot, I have been thinking about taking her to the local pool for a dip. However she has mild excema on her face, which we are treating with creams, but just wondering do you think putting her in a chlorinated pool is a bad idea? Will it worsen it at all?

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    I don't think chlorinated pool water will necessarily have any affect on the eczema, but chlorinated pool water in general is a skin irritiant in some people. So if your DD has sensitive skin it's something to bear in mind.

    I'd give it a go.

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    We also dont like using chlorinated pools but we asked around and a pool near us uses salt water. Perhaps it is worth calling around?

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    My DS has excema and he has swimming lessons in a chlorinated pool as there are no salt water ones around.
    We have found that as long as we rinse him off straight after it doesnt seem to be a problem.
    I just take him in the showers and give him a good wash straight after and it hasnt caused any problems, on the odd occasion that he hasnt been washed it does tend to affect his excema.

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    Chlorine aggrevates DD's skin but I also find rinsing her off as soon as I get home and putting sorbolene on helps. She is also bathed daily in QV bath oil which keeps her skin in good condition. Give it a go - you won't know until you try. If your childs excema is bad, perhaps get a sample of the water and try that on a bit of skin first.


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