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    Well my little one is having trouble working day from night. He sleeps ok during the day and is awake from about 9.00pm to 2.00 / 3.00am. What did you do to help change your babies body clock... I need tips to help him before i go insane.... lol


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    Sheba how old is he? If he is newborn, it can take a few months for them to start sorting out their day/night sleep habits.

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    I agree, how old is your little one? That sounds pretty good to me sleep wise.

    With DS2 we had a horrible time until about 1 month ago, and he's 1! In the first 4-5 months he would sleep 4-5 hr stretches max during the night.

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    I don't have children, but I have heard taking your child out for an afternoon walk can help, (obviously they are in the pram/stroller and your the one walking)

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    He is only 5 days old, i know i should not expect too much but my first slept 3 hours then feed, this was both day and night... she was a dream this little one just wants me on my toes...

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    I got my little guy sorted early by keeping the room bright and noisy all day and then switching to dark and quiet at night. After his last evening feed I only feed him by dim light so he doesn't fully wake up and after he's had enough to eat he usully drifts back to sleep. Now all his alert times are during the day and he barley wakes up at night.

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    As soon as I brought Ash home from the hospital we attempted teaching her day from night.

    In the day I would make sure all the blinds were open, normal noises in the background, then at nighttime everything would be alot more quieter, when she awoke for a feed I'd just put the nightlight on, just enough light to see what I was doing. I found it didn't take her too long to pick it up.

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