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    Jul 2004


    In connection to my previous post, i have a problem about cots!

    If Lily is still in a cot when the new baby comes what do i do? Can't afford another cot. So can i put her into a small bed well before the birth, because i dont think it'd be a good idea to swap when the baby is here because she might think its like the baby is taking her bed, not because its a big step for her u know?

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    froofy Guest

    If you are going to move her out of the cot, the further away from the birth the better if you know what I mean. But only if Lily is ready. A good rule of thumb for us was, when our daughter was able to climb out of her cot, that's when we put her in a big bed. Which I think was around 18 months or something?

    But generally, I wouldn't do it too early if bubs wasn't ready and still needed the cot. You will know yourself when she's ready for this, as you deal with her everyday, lol.

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    Jul 2004

    So what happens if she's not ready? the new baby will have no where to sleep!

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    Jul 2004
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    Can you use/borrow a bassinet? I know some of the basket-like bassinets are usually only around $100... It'll probably be a lot easier to find somewhere else for the new baby to sleep, rather than Lily, cause I would assume 18 months is a tad too young to take them out of the cot? (Aidyn is almost that age now, and I couldnt see him sleeping in a bed yet)

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    Mar 2004

    Maybe you could look for one of those cots that converts to a bed so that Lily can keep it as a cot until she needs a bed. you might find a cheap one in the trading post or on ebay.
    You could also consider hiring a hammock or cot or bassinet.

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    Custardtart Guest

    Tegan, you should be able to pick up a second-hand bassinet for the baby at a cheap price on ebay or in a babygoods store, which will give you a few more months up your sleeve.
    If you move Lily into a bed before she is ready for it, it will be hard persuading her to stay in it at night.

    I agree that ideally you don't want to move her out of her cot and the baby straight in, she may well feel disposessed. When we moved our girls out of their cots into the beds, I made a bit of a production out of it and took the girls out to Spotlight to let them choose their own doona cover for the first night in the new bed to make it special for them.


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    Jan 2005
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    I had use of a cradle from a friend for a couple of weeks.
    We took Mason out of the cot and into a bed and had no issues with putting Angus straight into the cot. Mason loved his new Thomas linen so that helped heaps.

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    This is a hard one, my friends recently had this problem & their little girl refused to sleep in a bed, so they hired a bassinett on wheels through the hospital program and within 3 months their older girl is in a bed & their newborn was in his cot. HTH

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    Aug 2004

    Tegan - I remember seeing photos of Lily in a bassinette when she was born. Do you still have it?

    You could probably keep a newie in the bass for at least 3 months, and move Lily out when after a couple of months (a little while before the new baby needs it)

    The other option would be to get a portacot, and have the newie sleep in that? Not sure, but I reckon the bass is the best option.


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    Jul 2004

    I do have a bassinette but it's at my mums (12hrs away) so no way of getting it jere. Might just see how it ends up, hey!

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    May 2003
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    Tegan.........a baby hammock is also a cheap and very good option........babies can stay in them for up to about 12 that would keep Lily in the cot till she was ready for a bed, the new baby has the hammock, and takes the cot when Lily finishes with it?

    (That is what we are doing with Olivia and Charlie.)

    You can get hammocks off Ebay for around $50 usually, or they are $200 new.

    Email or pm me if you want the details of the Amby Baby Hammock/Natures nest website.

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    Jun 2004

    I remember seeing someone (i think on BB...?) using a washing basket as a bassinet!
    That's be a neat idea... just pad it up with clothes and wrap the baby...
    Might cost you a few dollars tops!

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    Jul 2004

    I think that might of been Trish, not sure though!

    I like the hammock idea. Just looked at their website (thanks Lucy!) Think I might go with that option. Thanks for all your replies, i really appreciate it!

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    Sep 2005

    Hi there
    if you can't afford a bassinet then I suggest looking on ebay for a Tetra Snuggle Bed. These are just fantastic and are like portable bassinets. You might even pick one up for $10 !!

    I had one and used it inside the cot when our babes were little. But we also took it travelling and to people's houses for an instant bed. You could use it on a normal bed as baby can't roll out of it when they are little. You could even set it up on top of a doona / blanket on the floor if you are desperate