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Thread: Could this be a first word?

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    Talking Could this be a first word?

    This morning I was holding my DS (6.5months) and playing our usual game of 'where is'. If I say where is DS he looks at me. If I say where is daddy or zeussy (our dog) he looks around at daddy or Zeuss (or I point as well if it isn't clear).
    Zeussy is his absolute favourite and is a guaranteed crying solution when nothing else works. He just look at him and stops crying and starts to giggle.

    So this morning I said 'wheres Zeussy' and he flapped his arms and legs, looked at Zeussy, giggled and said 'druessy'. I was gobsmacked and so was my husband who was sitting there.

    I was thinking it could be a first word because the context was really clear although the pronunciation was probably a bit flukey. But my husband isn't totally convinced until/if he does it again, also because he is quite young. So I guess we will wait and see but what do you think?

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    I wonder if this is an easy thing to say?? One of my g/f's also has a dog named Zeuss, and her DS (now 7 1/2 months) says Zeuss (or some form of) when the dog comes running in. I think it is possibly his first word - congrats!!!

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    Aww that's soo cute! Congrats to your little boy, you must be so proud! I was the same when my daughter said her first word, I didn't believe it til like the 20th time she had said it lol

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    Moving this to Baby & Toddler General Discussion.

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    Oh how exciting, I`d say it was his first word, he is at the age of most bubs saying their first words.

    DS#1 said his first word at 6 months - Mummy, although I`m sure he said it 2 weeks prior but DH said no way yet both my Dad and myself heard it clearly.

    DS#2 said Daddy at 5.5 months.

    It`s all very exciting, by the time they hit 2 you wish you could have some peace and quiet at times LOL

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    I reckon it's a first word. Yay for the first word.

    Question: Why isn't mumum the first word??? sob............ Always dadad or something easy like the dog's name!

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