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Thread: Crawling and Walking how old?

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    Tyler started crawling at 23 weeks and was walking at 34 weeks, He was fast at learning. Paige on the other hand, I don't know yet, lol. She has just started sitting on her own and getting up on all fours but all she can accomplish is moving backwards lol.
    Every baby is different, I know people who's babies didn't walk till they were 14-15 months.


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    neeny just popped in to let you know that they have done research on the commando crawl and the longer babies do it the better it is for the wiring in their brains that help reading etc. because to commando crawl the baby has to cross their arms over the midline (which is what is needed to assist this development) as in left arm over midline to right side. 'normal' crawling does this too but baby's don't cross over the midline so much. my last baby commando crawled for ages before 'normal' crawling and we were rapt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayray View Post
    Actual all fours crawling is important for other development, learning etc later in life.

    While it may not be unusual for a baby to skip this and go straight from commando crawling to walking, it is still important that they do the all fours crawling at some stage as well.
    Ummmmmmm, not sure about that.

    Olivia never crawled in any fashion, commando or traditional. She didn't walk until she was nearly 20 months. As such, I did have her checked out by a paed, where he delcared her totally normal, but just far too busy with finer motor skills and verbal skills to worry about walking.

    She DID bumsuffle from 12 months (prior to that she would just sit on her bottom and talk. In full sentences. I am not joking.)

    At nearly 3 she is now a most physcially adept little girl and can swim unaided. She can also read...through zero hot housing by us, she reads signs and books.....

    I did question our paed on developmental issues with regard to crawling and he suggested that the majority of the research that is conclusive indicated that the worst "issue" a person may have is only not knowing instinctively their right from left.

    That said, I was an early crawler and crawled on all 4's for around 6 months, and STILL do not instinctively know right from left, so go figure!! LOL!

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    Elyssa just started crawling about a month ago and she is now 10 months old. My son crawled earlier at 7 months and started walking 3 days after his first birthday.

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