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Thread: DA has a cold

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    Default DA has a cold

    Hey everyone,

    DA has a cold (i got it from DH & now i have a terrible cold and am taking pencillian for tonsilitis), and seems a bit stuffy in the nose, and it unsettled at nights..

    Tried to give him baby panadol to make him a bit better at night time, but he hates it and spits it out. I don't want to force him to take it unless i'm desperate, so does anybody else know if there is something i can give him that he might take.. He was like this with the Brauers colic relief also, but he took their stomach calm fine.. Thought i might go see if they have something for colds..

    Also, he is not so so stuffy in the nose, but does have mucous running out of his nose and you can hear it when he breathes.. Should i use the Little Fess thing now, or just leave it and wait to see if he gets more stuffy??


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    Hi Yael,

    I wish I could help you..Milo has a cold too, sounds very like what DA has.
    His is not so bad in the day, but I was up a couple of times with him last night.

    Its a shame they're too young for chicken soup!

    He doesn't mind the infant panadol though, which helps.

    One thing you could try is a humidifier (sp?). I haven't got one, and am not sure how much they cost, but they're supposed to clear the air in the room and make it easier for bubs to breathe. I'm going to see if I can find someone to borrow one form in my extended family/friends.

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    Yael, Have you tried Euky Bearrub? It's a chest rub, just like vicks. It helps clear the nasal passage, and makes it easier for the littlies to breathe.
    I buy ours from the chemist, and even though our DD is 6, we still use it on her as it doesn't heat up like the vicks does.


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    Definatly try the fess little noses. We used it on Mackenzie from a very young age and now she is nearly 2 we still use it with her co-operation which makes life a lot easier. It's great, also baby vicks is good as the vapours can go from his chest up to his nose. Good luck, there is nothing worse than a littly with a cold.

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    My mil told me this old wives remedy where you put vaseline on the bridge of their nose. Now I have NO IDEA why it works but it does. Try that... And Seth can be really awful to some babies, Seth HATES it. Otherwise you could try breastmilk up the nose, its alot more pleasent for them thats for sure. I used it on the weekend with the panadol dropper for Seth's goopy eye and its nearly all cleared up now.


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