thread: Did Your Baby Look Like Daddy?

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    Weird thing is he doesn't look anything like DH Thank goodness for that, as he is a whole lot more handsome looking like himself than he would looking like either of us.

    Jeanette xoxo

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    Thought I`d bump this thread up since their are more newborns on BB now

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    Jun 2003

    Paris looked like me, Seth looked like Daddy, still does from time to time but he's starting to have alot of Paris' looks... Although as a mother I can see a distinct difference.

    I love finding all the differences. Paris has my eyes, Seth has Daddy's. Their noses are different not sure who has who's yet. Paris has my length in toes but Daddy's style, as does Paris. Seth has my thumbs, Paris has one of my thumbs and one of daddy's (its called something special with a genetic split like that can't think of the name...). Paris has my hair line, Seth has Daddy's. Seth has daddy's mouth, Paris I'm not sure...


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    Mmmm. Lindsay is a lot like me, and in some of my youngest brothers baby photos, they looked a lot alike. Erin is definately dad's girl and looks heaps like DH's Mum when she was a girl. Paige is a near dead spit of me when I was little. Regardless of how they look, DH can never deny they are his kids because they all share the same genetic condition with their hands (Brachydactyly A1). Lindsay and DH both wear out the right knee of their trousers from kneeling when they are working.

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    Nov 2004
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    Maddison looked heaps like her Dad in her earlier years & now she is starting to look alot more like me... Only with darker features from her Dad..

    Indah looked like me at birth initially, but we found an old kinder photo of DH's recently & they are like 2 peas in a pod, although she looks prettier kind of more like my SIL..

    Funny thing is whenever we are out people always comment on how mu8ch both girls look like their Dad (different fathers!) but they also say the girls are identical, which means they then must look like me...

    But I guess as both their Dads were Asian, they have the dark features & so people just say they are like their dad!???

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    I think they change so much over their first few years. Noah started out looking like Mark, went through looking like me, and now I can see alot of Joel in him, and Mark too. So I guess that means he looks like both of us. Noah has Marks bum chin, my lips, veiny eyelids like Marks. My fingers and toes. Mark's doodle (hehe), Marks double crown and our cowlick.

    Tehya - well some say Mark and others say me. Generally I think it's his family that says the kids look like him and mine like me... Perhaps their biased. Tehya has my lips too, my chin, my fingers, Marks toes, My fanny ()Marks double bloody crown and our cowlick too.

    Tracey, funny I got that a few times too and my older kids have a diff dad to the younger ones and the dad's are nothing alike.

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    Jul 2006


    my DD is the exact image of her dad,when she was first born and she was all puffy she looked like me as a baby,but as soon as that settled down all of DH came through!!
    lol,but i like the fact that she looks like him,because she turned out really pretty
    I hope this one has a little bit more of me though

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    Yeah my little boy looks every bit like his daddy.. and i love that he is as spunky as my husband... so much that we called his middle name after him! Kate funnily enough my little bub has a funny toe like his dad, i used to laugh at it when we were dating and tease my husband, it came back to me now my baby has it!!!!!!!!!

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    You couldn't tell Matt & Ryan's baby photos apart!!! But Ryan's starting to get some "me" in there now LOL

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    Feb 2005

    Gussy looks a lot more like his daddy than me. In fact only this morning an Irish man told us that Gus "is the spit from his father's mouth". I guess that's an Irish way of saying "gee the resemblance is strong". he ha! The only "feature" of mine he's inherited (poor boy) is my ghosty white skin. That's probably the one thing I'd have preferred not to share with our children.

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    Oct 2004
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    Maggie's a mixture of both of us. Even though her colouring, blonde hair, make people think she looks like her daddy. I had blonde hair as a child, so it comes from me as well. She has her dad's stumpy legs though LOL

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    Kate that is so funny, it does sound like we are stuck in similar situations, maybe the next one will look like us a little...????

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    NewmumLou Guest

    KATE: oh yeah make sure you do! How exciting, do you know the sex?

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    Fee Guest

    Quite a few people said Cooper looked like DH ... but now I'm starting to hear people (mostly family members) say he looks like me.

    So who knows!

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    My DS looks more like his daddy, although with his facial expressions he is more like me. DF is Philipino so his genes are more noticeable, but i am preg again and from the u/s this baby (i find out the sex in a week and a half woohoo!!) has my facial outline, like my nose, chin etc. And that was picked up on a normal scan not a 4d one!! OMG i hope its a girl!!

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    Jun 2005

    Allegra is a mini-john!!!! She is splitting image of her Dad.... something which his family constantly tell me!!!

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    Jesse was very much me .... & still is ... he has his dad's smile. My baby photos are just like he is also .... most people say me or they say he is a mixture, only my side say he looks like dh?

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    Jul 2004
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    both of my girls were Mini John's when born. Kat now at 22 months looks very much like my mother (started turning into her at around 14m). Jess is still a mini john so just have to wait and see who she turns into....