: Do you think your baby was 'ready' to be born?

  • No

    17 35.42%
  • Yes

    29 60.42%
  • Unsure

    2 4.17%

thread: Do you think your baby was 'ready' to be born?

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    Nov 2005

    Xander was 3 weeks early but I have no doubt he was most definately ready to enter this world.. speedy, straight forward labour and he came out with his mouth wide open looking for boobies! It was almost as though he said 'phew, glad that's over... now where is the food Mum?'

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    Flynn came spot on his due date, fed well, didn't fuss at all and was very settled (until 6 months when he became a bag of rats!) I think he was well and truly ready.

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    Nick was 10 days overdue, and although physically he was ready to come out, i don't think he wanted to come out just yet, he screamed for weeks after he was born, i think it was because he wanted to stay put a bit longer LOL

    Ryan was 10 days early and he was more than ready to come out, he went on the boob almost straight away, and slept for his first 6 months, i had to wake him to feed

    Macauley was also more than ready to come out, he was born at 36weeks, i went into labour on my own (First time) and he was alert and looking around as soon as he came out
    Macauley also sleeps alot and has to be woken for some feeds

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    Dec 2005
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    I felt Ash was ready she got onto feeding with such ease I was amazed, by the next day she was having really alert periods of just looking at everyone.

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    May 2004

    My last baby - NO no no.
    He was born at 38 weeks and physically yes he was cooked - good weight, no breathing issues whatsoever, perfect apgars, perfect breastfeeder.
    Everything was perfect with him except that he was induced before he had his head properly positioned and before he was properly engaged. Slight problem that.....ended up a c/section because of it.
    I kick myself constantly that we didn't wait longer for him.

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    Nov 2004

    I think Xander was more than ready - i begun feeding him almost immeditately! Our only prob was that he needed a kick start (induction) to get out!

    Declan was almost ready (born 37w) but i think maybe an extra week would've been better. But he breatsfed right away, was very alert and contented baby.

    Anneliese was nowhere near ready, but my uterus had an infection and she had no choice but to come out. I dont even like thinking about what would have happened if she had stayed in...

    So i think my boys were ready, but my little princess could've stayed in (at least another 10 weeks or so LOL!)

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    Charlie was ready.......he looked me in the eye when he was born and it was as if he was saying "Glad I am here at last" LOL! I alwasys have a sense he knows exactly what he was letting himself in for and it is like he knows us really well.

    Same with Lexie......she was born in a hurry, like she thought she was running late or something! And she is physically more advanced than her elder siblings. And has a wise little look on her face nearly all the time........

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    Hamish was ready - he was getting starved inside, so better to be out and on the breast! Jenna hasn't stopped since she came out. Surprising for a baby that didn't want to come out!!

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    Fi, i have the same problem with Nick,he didn't want to come out, and hasn't stopped since, and i don't think he's going to slow down any time soon

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    Jul 2004
    in a land of screaming kids.

    With Kat, NO way was she ready. She was not engaged at all and in the wrong position and when they induced me due to PE, everything went wrong. She went into distress so C/S resulted (after being fully dilated and pushing for 40mins with vac etc and her just being in wrong position and stuck tight!). With jess, she was all ready to go, everything had started moving along towards birth (had the prelabour pains for a number of days) then woke up one morning, and nothing, no real discomfort, nothing. She'd turned sideways and was not coming out to play, so I had to have a C/S for her too as the dr's were worried the cord could prolapse and kill her and me so.... Neither of mine were ready, next bub (if it ever happens and I pray it does soonish) I am staying at home and pushing them to leave me till I am OD in the hopes of a VBA2C. I can do it as long as bubs is ready to come out and play!

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    Sep 2005
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    I don't think Charlie was ready to be born - I think if he had a choice he would of stayed in there for longer - he wouldn't of had as many lung problems if he had of come naturally, and i think i would of been able to bond with him better

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    Dec 2005

    I def feel Jett was ready. He's just so advanced and happy to be here, and has been that way since he was born. I remember him looking at me shortly afterwards with a look saying "Wow what took me so long to get here? Should have worked harder lady" lol

    That and the fact as a first time induced Mama I had a 3 hour labour.

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    Oct 2004
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    Hmmm...an interesting question. I was three days past my 2nd " due-date" and Maddy was engaged for a few weeks prior. My waters broke spontaneously but as soon as they did, Maddy disengaged herself from my pelvis. Perhaps she was a bit too cosy and warm in there, or maybe she could sense that I didn't feel totally prepared? (I WANTED her out but maybe wasn't completely mentally ready)

    That said, I was induced to get my contractions regular and my dilation moving along. When she did come out, I truly think though that she was ready. She didn't want to sleep, breastfed like a champion, studied everything around her and held her head up from word go.

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    May 2006
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    yup both mine were ready. they were 'overdue' (9 and 7 days) and came out so alert and great feeders - just perfect imo :P

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    Jul 2004

    With DD i was induced at 41 weeks due to PE. She was a very alert baby and always slept and fed well, so i think she was ready.

    DS came spontaniously the day i was meant to be induced. I think he thought, may as well come out now if your going to force me! He is also very alert, a lot more than
    Lily was too. I get comments every day. So i definatly think he was ready.

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    Jun 2006
    Penrith, NSW

    I'd say no only because Ella came at 34 weeks due to a placenta abruption. It was a very quick and traumatic experience and i definately think she would have been much more happy staying snug in Mum for a bit longer (rather than a humidy crib). She did attach well to the breast and we had a fabulous b/f relationship from the start - but as she was very tiny she would tire and therefore needed tube feeding. I don't think any baby is ready to come that early and be seperated from their mum for several weeks.