Flossie are you talking about the legs being spread far apart in the Baby Bjorn or the Ergo?

If it's the Ergo then I'm a bit concerned that you were sold one for a newborn without the newborn insert. Put my mind at rest please! The newborn insert is like a cradle and they lay in it instead of being upright and legs splayed like an older baby.
I'd be having a go at whoever sold it to you if that is the case!
REALLY????? Yep, I told them it was for my 3 month old (not 4 months for another week). I went to Baby Bunting!!! Bugger, I probably would have kept it if I had of known that. Now I have the BB. Oh well, maybe down the track we will get it again so DH can have her on his back if we go camping or something.