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    Hi. My little neice is 11 months old and has been suffering from eczema since she was born. Her mum has tried heaps of different barrier creams and the hydrocortisone creams don't seem to work for her. She was solely breastfeed until 6 months so it isn't a food allergy unless she is reacting to the milk. I was wondering if anyone knows of any sort of cream that we could try to give the poor thing a bit of relief


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    Hi Jodie, i'm sorry to hear that your niece suffers from Eczema, i have also suffered from it and it is not nice at all.
    Has your sister tried emu oil? I found this to be fantastic, you can get it in creams, oils, shampoo etc and it really stops the itching and flair ups.You can get it fairly cheap on ebay, this is where i get mine, if you like, i can PM you a link to an ebay store who only sell the emu oil products

    I hope your sister finds something that helps soon

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    jodie Guest


    Thanks for that, I will suggest it to her

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    Hi Jodie,

    Unfortunately, I don't know of any creams, but can I ask what washing powder your sister(?) uses? My husbands family has a history of eczema so right from the word go I used sensitive washing powder (just omo sensitive, nothing special) and found that it makes a huge difference to my dd skin. Even one load of clothes in normal washing powder makes her itch so badly.

    I know she's probably already gone down this road coz it seems so obvious, but just in case I thought I'd suggest it....

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    I get eczema a fair bit, and have all my life the ONLY thing that works for me is Derm-Aid. It can be bought over the counter at any chemist, BUT I really dont know if its suitable for children/babies. It might be worth checking out though.

    I put it on the affected area before I go to bed, and no joke, when I wake up the morning, its completely gone. I must have about 10 tubes of it around the house, but seriously am 28 and have tried literally every single thing you can think of for it, and Derm-Aid is the only thing that works for me.

    Good Luck.

    I keep checking Jasmine all the time to see if she has it, I would hate to think I have passed it onto her, but lucky for her I think she has her fathers skin so she might not get it [-o< . He is dark olive skinned and I am very fair. Its a horrid thing to have, but without sounding like I work for the company (cos I dont lol) I dont have any problems with eczema anymore with this cream. Its an immediate fix.

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    Yes, definitely try Medihoney for exzma. I use it on my daughter and it's the ONLY thing that has ever worked. Someone at my mums group is now using it on her bub and it worked. It's natural so I don't mind using it every day.
    good luck xo

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    jodie Guest


    Hi. Thanks for the suggestions. Here is a bit of an email I got: "Sophie has a new doctor, he sounds really good, much better than the last one. He told Alicia (the mum) to stop using what she had been putting on Sophie and that it shouldn't even be used on babies as it can be harmful. This is what has been prescribed by her doctor since she was six weeks old, however he said to rub kremelta all over her and that it makes a good ointment he also would like to see her in 3 weeks to see how she is doing, big difference from the last doctor who couldn't care less. So now it is not weeping anymore and she isn't trying to scratch it all the time."

    We are all a bit ****ed, since this has been bothereing her since she was tiny and to find out she was given the wrong stuff and that it could be bad for her - grrrrr.
    I will save your other suggestions and if it bothers her again then we can give them a try.

    P.S I am from NZ, Kremelta is the same as Copha

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    I get eczema really bad and have since i was a baby, and i use a cream called Elocon. I had to get a prescription for it as they dont sell it over the counter. Anyhow, I have found this works really well for me. I think it cost me about $10 and it works very well (for me at least).

    Cortisone cream works well too. I used to use cortisone cream (Derm Aid). There was another hydrocortisone I used called Sigmacort. You can get them over the counter in 0.5% and 1% strengths. Anything stronger you'll need a script. But the over the counter ones are usually adequate. I think i used it so much that I managed to build up a resistance to it. Its actually a type of steroid so you dont want to use it too much as apparently it can thin the skin.

    I havent used Emu oil or copha before. Soinds interesting. Hope the kremelta stuff works well.

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    Melinda Guest


    Jacob gets a touch of eczema from time to time. Things that we have found to help are:

    ~ Using a bath oil in the bath water (QV Bath Oil - there is a 'normal' one as well as one that is designed for flare ups of eczema)
    ~ Applying sorbolene after each bath and during flare ups, at each nappy change to provide extra hydration for the skin
    ~ Sigmacort 1% cream is available over the counter and we use that on Jacob to begin with when a flare up presents itself, but often it's not enough.
    ~ If the Sigmacort isn't working, then we have some Elocon (prescription ointment) that we use instead. Elocon cannot be used on the face though, so if there is any eczema there, you can only use the Sigmacort. We actually found that the Sigmacort works fine on little patches on the face (he would often get it under his chin or near his ear) but wasn't strong enough for other parts of the body where he gets eczema, which is the tummy/back area.

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    hi there my boy used to get really awfull eczema too untill just a few months ago
    we had no success with cortisone etc
    in the end we found the hamiltons range of products (like QV but australian) great the bath oil and moistuiser every day

    also wee took him to a naturopath who gave him:
    blackmores celloids / crush one tablet in food twice daily
    and blackmores PCMP / same as the other one crushed in food twice daily

    this really helped T's skin just thought i would share

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    We've tried lots of things for our nearly 1 year old, who gets bouts of Really Bad eczema. Some things didn't work, some things did. The best things are:
    - bath oil
    - increasing his essential fatty acids - by feeding him fish and me taking flaxseed oil for him to get thru b/millk
    - 'Dermaveen' as a moisturiser (has oatmeal which is supposed to be good for keeping the skin moist)
    - massage with olive oil worked when he was little
    - cortisone 1% for his body only when he has really bad flareups (otherwise they seem to build up a resistance)
    - Elidel (prescription) for his cheeks when they go all pussy and weepy (fortunaltey the first 3 measures mostly prevent this stage happening)
    Good luck!

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    I took Milo to the docto on Friday, it it seems he has spots of eczema too. They are pretty random, not in skin folds etc though, so it took a few opinions befre they decided that that's what it is.

    My doctor told me to try QV or sorboline with glycerine, or mixed with olive oil first and then if that doesn't work to use cortisone, but I'd really rather that was a last resort.

    I have heard calendula creams are good for eczema, has anyone tried them?

    I think I'll take him to my naturopath too & see if she has an recommendations!

    GP also said that since Milo is fully breastfed, that it might be something in my milk and that they can test to see if its something I'm eating that he's reacting to? Not sure how this is done, but he told me that if it is something that I'm eating, its most likely to be dairy or eggs, and to try eliminating one or both for 3-4 days to see if theres any difference.

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