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    Mods I have no idea where to put this feel free to move it

    Today I recieved an email via facebook from an Isabel Coe requesting me to take part in a study about cvs

    Subject: CVS test Hi Melissa - I hope you don't mind me getting in touch with you - I found your name on a forum about CVS tests. I am desperately looking for someone like you to appear in the next issue of Prima Baby magazine in London - all it would involve is a five minute telephone call or I could email you some questions and you could reply to my email address. Basically, I am writing an article on antenatal scans and tests and I need someone who had the CVS test and now has a healthy baby. The idea is that you tell me what the test was like and that way other mums can find out what to expect if they have it. I have three small children myself so I understand how sensitive this issue is and I would really appreciate your help. Please contact me if you are interested, tonight if possible - at [email protected]nk you so, so much for taking the time to read this.All the very best and I hope to hear from you,Isabel Coe

    Has anyone else recieved this email? And has anyone contacted this lady? Does anyone know of her and her study?


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    I googled "Prima Baby magazine Isabel Coe" and it came up with an ad for her. She is a freelance journalist. You can also check out type of article in the magazine by just googling "Prima Baby magazine".

    doesn't sound like she is doing research as such, just getting sources for her article.

    you can always e-mail and see what questions she has. if you don't feel comfortable, don't answer the questions.

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