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    I am after some extra ideas to help entertain my 19 mo during the day. We already do lots of things, playdough, reading, puzzles, drawing, blocks, playing with her toys, outside play (pool, sandpit,bike riding, chalk on the concrete, bubbles etc). However like all little kids her attention span is very short so I would love some other ideas to add to my repotire.

    I have lots of ideas of things I can do with her when she is a little bit older, but I dont think she is ready for cutting, painting etc yet.

    So what do you do to entertain your toddlers at home?

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    Maybe get a CD or book of nursery rhymes.
    I'm sure you know heaps already but I find that I tend to forget how many I know and an external source helps jog my memory.
    Be warned, both my boys are happy to sing Incy Wincey spider at least 50 times a day and get very indignant if I fail to be properly enthused about the 48th rendition or decide to take a break from doing the actions.
    Same goes for Blah Blah Black Sheep, Mary Had a Stupid Lamb, Stinky Stinky Little Star and all the rest of them.

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    I agree with CDs are the best!! There are so many on the market and most libraries stock a small selection as well. Even if you don't have any kids CDs, stick on a bit of music and dance about in different ways, stomping, clapping, tippy toes etc. My DD loves it when Grandad puts on the Rolling Stones or Beatles!! Also some things to dance with like scarfs or tape some crape paper to a bit of cardboard or paper plate and swirl around with it.

    Something I picked up at Kindermusik - pretend you're a train going fast and slow, get pretend tickets and 'all aboard', WOH, WOH

    Get hold of some bubbles - they love to run after them. You can buy cheap bubble machines from usual stores.

    Hmmm, sure I know more, but can't think at the moment.

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    Opps, sorry - just saw you already had bubbles.

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