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    My DS has a flat head. He is 4 months old nearly and it doesnt seem to be improving. Its from him favouring one side all the time. I try to encourage him to lie the other way which he does but i cant force it through the night obviously.
    DD was the same but i cant recall how severe hers was, and her head has turned out fine.

    The clinic nurse wants me to go to a physiotherapist but ive declined because of DD head being alright. Ive got a doctors appointment next week for his 4 month needles and will obviously ask him then but my question is...... anyone else out there had the same problem with their sons and the outcome was fine.

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    Hi Kerrie, my youngest had a bit of a flat head, when he was really little i just put it down to him sleeping on one side more than the other, but as he started to get older, i got very worried about it (my MIl nasty comments didn't help either)

    When he was 6 months, i took him to our gp who said it was normal and it would pop out, but when he still had it at 12 months, i took him to a pead, he also told me it was normal.
    In the past couple of months it has become bearley noticable.

    if you are really worried, take him to your gp, but i'm sure he will be fine and it will pop out as he gets older.

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    Hi Kerrie,

    Kaitlyn has a terribly flat head even ended up indented! . Our Dr referred us to a neurosurgeon and he said he thought she sound wear a helmet for an undisclosed amount of time ...I was not happy with that so I got a second opinion from another neurosurgeon who said she did not need one it would just take time to round itself out.

    Anyway long story short...Kaitlyn is now 7months and her head is starting to round out ..the second neurosurgeon said it will take a long time but it will happen. Try and encourage lots of tummy time. Also if you are bottle feeding try feeding so his head is not resting on the flat side. I also bought a stand up activity centre to give Kaitlyn more time off her head.

    But I would not worry to much as once he starts sitting and crawling he wont spend much time on his back anyway!.

    Oh the other thing that the second neurosurgeon told me was that only about 1 in 10 children need intervention when their head is flat that is pretty good odds!.


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    Jacob has always had a bit of a flat head at the back. We figured it was from laying on his back to sleep all the time, but it's also a little bit genetic judging by the shape of a few people's heads in the family LOL. 8-[

    It's not excessively flat - sure I had people comment on it (much to my horror - as far as I was/am concerned my baby is perfect as is yours of course!), but in all seriousness, it's not an issue at all now. It's not as noticeable now as I think it has come out a fraction and he has a full mop of hair to cover it up too LOL!

    There was never any suggestion of the need to wear a helmet. It's my understanding that this is only necessary where there the situation is quite chronic......?

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    DS had a problem with head shape at birth and thereafter - his head was very long and pointy like at the back and flat at the sides he also favoured sleeping on one side rather than the other meaning one side was flattening out even further than the other - we used to have to prop his head to try and get him to lie on the back (without propping he couldn't balance) and because of the favouring to one side I then had to try and encourage him to lie on the other side when not fully propped cause he was getting unbalanced deformation in his head and face in the side he favoured lying on. We saw a paed numerous times and each time he could see an improvement. A lot of what we did stemmed from the pointiness of the back of the head and the paed wanting to ensure that this wasn't an issue with the plates that would see it continue to grow in such a strange shape towards the back. The long and the short there was no major concerns and just with a few minor things such as doing activities that meant he didn't favour one side his favouring evened out and his shape on each side returned to normal one side no flatter than the other. He also achieved a degree of flatness in the back of the head but as with Melindas comments some of the shape is definitely genetic.

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    Check out my thread on "Ned's deformational plagiocephaly" in the Children's Medical Conditions thread. This will explain a lot for you.

    I would definitely recommend that you find a paediatric chiropractor. That's what we did with Ned and he's just fine now. He was moderately affected.

    If you have any queries please email me.

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    My youngest son slept with his head tilted to the side a bit, and his head ended up VERY lopsided. My GP told me to take him to a paediatrician, which we did because it was actually affecting the symmetry of his face. One ear looked like it stuck out and one eye looked a bit bigger than the other one. The paediatrician said just to keep turning his head the other way. As soon as he started sitting, it started getting better. He is 2 and I still dont think his head is perfectly round, but its nothing noticable now, thank God.

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    Thankyou all for your comments. i knew i wouldnt be the only one with this issue but it helps to get your worries out i reackon.

    I find with him is if i get lax with makeing him turn the other way he then gets lax to so i just have to keep on top of it ALL the time. He does look both ways with is good. The last thing i need is another child with a problem.

    DD had a dislocated hip for those who havent read my whoas about her. She is in the the clear now thank goodness.

    Thanks again guys, i knew i could count on you.

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