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    Hi,, DS (20) mnths, is going thru a very very fussy stage.. not enjoying all his olf favs. he is cutting his molar though. but the minute i disguise it with natural yogurt, gobbles it all down.. gee i hope this is another phase.. i have no idea how much yogurt is good or bad. '

    I am sure others disguise food now and again..

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    My eldest always went through phases with food when he was teething and he was soon back to normal. I don't have a problem with disguising food in other foods so long as they eat. Not sure if you can have too much yoghurt, but it night make nasty nappies LOL

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    Nina was cutting her 2 year molars a couple of weeks ago, and became very fussy with her food. It lasted for about 2 weeks, then she started eating normally again.
    lol about the yoghurt poos!!

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