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    Dec 2005

    Get this....

    today we took DD, 16 months to the beach for the day. we went to the fish and chip shop afterwards to get some chips. she has an egg allergy so we double checked if it would be ok to let her eat the chips.

    the lady at the counter straight away started giving us a bit of attitude saying, ' i dont know what goes in the oil' and then another worker came over to ask what was happening she told him he said 'no dont serve them'. they kept saying no, its too much of a risk , we take no responsibility, we wont serve you.

    we were flabbergasted! not only did they refuse to serve us but they were short, rude and kept cutting us off when we were saying well we wont give her any then. they just would not serve us. you would think that a) they would have a food allergy policy and b) would be apologetic and understanding not practically kick us out of the store.

    whats up with that??

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    Sep 2007

    That's pretty darn rude of them. Fair enough that they didn't feel it was safe to give you the chips (there's probably people out there who would have sold them to you anyway which would be much worse) but it's really bizarre that they were unpleasant about it.

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    Feb 2005
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    wow.. I can understand their reluctance but when you said you wouldn't give her any sheesh..

    I know I wouldn't be going there again

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    Feb 2006
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    Rest assured that in the days of healthy living and weight consciousness, they will soon be out of business anyway if they don't even know what their oil is comprised of.

    Maybe best you didn't eat it anyway, who knows what could have been in there?

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    Jun 2007
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    I am confused..... who puts eggs in cooking oil?????? Is it that maybe they had cooked eggs in the oil??? Or maybe that tongs had touched eggs and chips???

    Either way- people who work in the hospitality trade need to be aware and considerate of people with food alegies- but NOT down right rude!!!!

    One can simply and nicely say- I am sorry mam, the risk MAY be too high for us to gaurentee no eggs have touched the oil- or chips (i'm sorry i still dont see the connection!! I must be silly) can we offer you a sanwhich for your daughter instead or perhaps a packaged food that will have NO way on earth Touched egg,

    in other words- its their JOB to serve YOU!!!

    As someone who works in the Hospitality trade (and previously retail) that behaviour was UNACCEPTABLE !!!!

    Its sad to hear things like that, i hope you NEVER go to that particular take away shop again!!

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    Jun 2003

    I would say its because they would fear a lawsuit. Our school can't even have face painting or coloured hair spray at fete's due to allergies and the off chance there could be litigation.

    Perhaps they have had a situation before and wanted to avoid it again. I doubt that anyone would be that rude without a reason, and I'm sure it had nothing to do with you. Unfortunate, but sadly its the society we live in today. No one wants to take responsibility for themselves, so we sue.

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    Rest assured that in the days of healthy living and weight consciousness, they will soon be out of business anyway if they don't even know what their oil is comprised of.
    LOL - hear hear.

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    Nov 2004
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    Yeah I'd agree it's probably fear of litigation... maybe they've been sued before?

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    Aug 2007

    They may have been worried about being sued but they sound very rude. I wouldn't go back there.

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    Apr 2007
    the Sauna

    maybe they know their store is not up to scratch and are scared of getting their cover blown ...its sad they threated you like that ... but i cant belive they didnt know what was in oil .... der they could have read the carton ...

    sounds like a w,h&s officer should be sent there .....

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    Dec 2005

    yeah i dont know what they were talking about either, i figured they meant that other things get cooked in the oil like battered stuff i suppose. dunno for sure though. i definately wont be going back there. i actually got a free can of coke cause as my DP was ordering i got one out of the fridge and opened it. then he asked the egg question and they practically kicked us out. i held up the coke to show them but they just kept shaking their heads and saying no not goniog to serve you. so we walked out. hehe suckers! :-)