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    Is anybody else finding that getting out & about to shopping centres is VERY difficult. My little Claudia is an absolute gem of a bub, but I"m finding it very hard to do things like grocery shop or general browsing. She is 9w tomorrow & while it's a piece of pie going places like taking her big sister to Kindergym, going to people's places, things like going to the shops is a nightmare. She will only lie in the pram for so long & having a 2.5yo as well, I can't be carrying her around the shops while pushing the pram & holding onto Jessica's hand.

    I think I'm starting to get a bit down about it, everything else is just perfect, but she is a bub who still loves to be on my boob all the time or lying on the floor.

    Please tell me it's just her age & that soon enough she will become engrossed with watching the world go by in the pram. My Jessica detested the pram but she came with a whole pile of medical problems, so she pretty much detested everything.

    If I get her to sleep & put her in the pram, she only lasts 30 minutes & she is at the age where transporting her asleep is difficult because she wakes with the transition from pram to car to shopping trolley, etc...

    Please tell me everybody else is having the same hassle!!!

    Love Jayne

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    Nina is at the age of absolutely loving being in the pram, watching the world go by. I remember when she was that age, and if she was asleep, everytime I moved her she'd wake up! But now she doesn't have time to fall asleep in the pram, or the car, too much going on.
    Shopping centres are an absolute nightmare to go to, with a baby, I'm dreading when the time comes to do it with 2.

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    Janye i have problems with taking my 3 out. I now try and get to the shops on a Saturday while DH is home and Kimberley is at dancing but that only gives me two hours and most of that time i am food shopping.

    If i do need the shops in the week i go after i have dropped Kimberley at kindy. I've had Eleanor scream around the shops even when she has been feed. It takes a while to enjoy being in the pram. She is starting to like to sit up a little more and hopefully she will enjoying shopping soon.

    I put Alex in the toddler seat that we got to go with the pram.

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    I feel your frustration too! I was a huge shopper before least I'm saving money now

    I find DD has good days and bad days with shopping so sometimes we can get stuff done and other times I just head for the car. I think once your DD can sit up and look around more she may be more into it.

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    I had this problem to with DD when was about the same age, I sat the pram up a little bit so she could see what was going on and after that I didn't have an issue. I think staring the the ceiling was started to bore her. lol.


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    have you tried a baby carrier, like HAB of baby bjorn.. Eden is nearly 17 weeks, i tried the pram and she never liked it, very bored and made me extremly anxious about going out... now i alternate between the hab and baby bjorn, depending on whether she is gonna fall asleep or not. I dont have another bub but i walk my two puppies twice a day with the baby carrier, makes the world an easier place, I havent used the pram for about 2/3 months...
    Perhaps this is worth a shot, before i was like you. I felt house bound and dreaded going out. Now im not sure i could put Eden in the pram, it would feel odd- but thats me and thats another story.
    I hope u work out some plan so you can wander around with both your bubbas. let us know how u go with it.

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    Oh I hear ya.

    I had alot of trouble getting my two out of the house when DS was tiny. If it wasn't one throwing a fit, it was the other. No one was ever in a good mood at the same time LOL.

    I second Caros suggestion of a hugabub - I have one as well and Toby does really well in it plus it leaves my hands free to deal with lunatic toddler

    It's getting easier now - Toby's old enough to sit up in the pram and look around, and he's not so easily overstimulated so he can go longer between meltdowns LOL.

    It's very hard with two as young as we have, don't be too hard on yourself you're doing great.

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