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    my mum wants to get hannah a special something each christmas. she gets her other granddaughter a xmas nightie but wants to get hannah something different. she suggested a doll but by the time she is 12 she will have 12 dolls laying about the house and i dont like that idea. any ideas? i guess something small, something collectable maybe?

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    My sister's mother in law buys her daughter a book each christmas from the Beatrix Potter collection. She now has 5 beautiful hard back books that i guess she will be able to read for years to come and then maybe one pass along to her children. My sister prefers it to toys as like all kids she has so many she doesn't know what to do with them all!

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    A really nice Christmas decoration for the tree?

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    her other grandma gives her books so mum wants to be different. thanks though, it is an easy meaningful gift.

    i will tell her about tree decoration. thanks.

    any other ideas, ?

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    What about a disney DVD like Beauty & the beast, little mermaid, Snow White etc? Or what about charm a each year for a charm bracelet?

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    Maybe her own special dinner set, e.g. plate, bowl, cup, spoon, etc.

    Or a nice piece of art to hang on the wall?

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