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Thread: Grinding Teeth - 9MO!!

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    Default Grinding Teeth - 9MO!!


    my DS has 2 teeth - one on the bottom left middle and the other on the top left middle. He's worked out that he can grind these together, which makes the most horrible noise. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this, and if you did, did your bub grow out of it? I'm a bit worried about what he might be doing to his new teeth...


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    Jan! I know exactly what you mean! My 11 month old DD is grinding her teeth and it's driving us crazy. We growl at her and point to her chin to try and teach her to stop.

    It's horrible.

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    DS just got two bottom and then two top teeth. He is grinding them too. Not sure what to do about it, hoping he will get sick of it. It is a horrible sound.

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    Our almost 14 month old was a terrible teeth grinder and it drove us crazy but don't worry, it does stop! She still does it occasionally but it's pretty rare these days. I feel for you all though, we hated it and got so worked up and worried but all seems to be fine now!

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