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Thread: Grinding that normal?

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    Question Grinding that normal?

    Charlie is 9months & has 2 teeth at the bottom & 4 at the top & he grinds them flat out. It sounds terrible & I was just wondering is that normal, does anyone else have a bubs that does or did this??? Should I be trying to stop it???

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    I think it is pretty normal Erin. Lil does it too. I cn't stand it but I don't see how I can stop it...I tell her not to everytime, but she just blows me kisses and does it again

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    Yeah - ds did this on and off for a few months. Not constantly, but for a few minutes at a time. If I told him to stop he would just do it longer. Just block your ears!

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    Its not just my lily either then! I think for lil, as soon as she discovered that the new little things in her mouth could make noises, it became a game for her. it isnt constant either, so yeah teeth grinding - here here to Dee73, bring on the earplugs...

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    Argh! It sounds horrible doesn't it! DF still does it in his sleep, He started when he was a kid but rest assured he still has perfect teeth!

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    OMG - Izzy does this and the top one is barely through the gum, I cant stand it, it makes my tummy turn to hear her doing it but Im glad its all normal! I had visions of her grindng it down to a tiny little stump

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