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Thread: Grose things they ask to eat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee
    Ashlea and her best friend always eat honey and peanut butter sandwiches, its their favourite!
    That's not weird or gross! They actually make peanut butter and honey combined in a jar.

    I used it eat it a lot as a kid.

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    Yeah my hubby eats that too
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    My younger brother went through a phase of wanting odd coloured food. I remember for a while mum made green poridge(sp?) and sometimes blue poridge :feelsick: (food colouring of course) Nothing like a good dose of all natural colours and flavours *LOL*

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    I remember my little brother now 21 sitting up at the bench munching on gherkins and drinking the liquid, eeewwwww.

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    my dad always made us weird vegemite and ? sandwiches. Vegemite and lettuce, vegemite and carrot, that sort of thing.

    I remember our babysitter once making us toasted cheese, tomato and lettuce sandwiches. Toasted lettuce just does NOT work for me!! She made all 4 of us eat them too. We were practically in tears it was so gross.

    Janae (almost 3) doesn't really ask for very odd things, but she would rather eat olives and gherkins than salad veges any day! She cried for ages one day because I ran out of olives!


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