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    Feb 2004

    Hair & Eye Colour

    Ok, it's late & I've been thinking (uhoh!) about Zander's hair & eye colour.... From what I remember of high school science dark hair, brown eyes & dark skin are dominant & red hair is recessive. So what I'm wondering is what do you & your DH have & what did your kids turn out with?

    Aaron has brown hair, brown eyes & tanned skin (not from the sun, it's just tannish!).
    I have strawberry blonde hair, blue/green eyes & pale pale skin.
    Zander has got the same as me, although his hair seems to be light brown in some lights (he doesn't have much at the moment!).

    I just find it amazing that he has picked up on all of my supposed recessive genes.....

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    Feb 2004

    Well I have brown hair and eyes, DH has blue eyes and light brown hair (was reddish when he was younger and now has not much left). We are both pale skin folk.

    Matthew has blue eyes, looks like they'll stay that way. I can't decide on a hair colour as yet, sometimes I think light brown, sometimes I think blondey type. Whatever he gets it's bound to change as he gets older anyway. He'll be pale skinned as well.

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    katanya Guest

    Felix was born with dark hair it all feel out and turned dark blonde, I was very light blonde as a child, whereas DP was the same as Felix.

    AS for eyes his are very blue, I have green eyes and DP has green eyes..but blue eyes are dominant in our families. He has what they call in his father's family "the prindable Blue eyes" they are a very strong blue eyed gene, and Fleix has these enormous blue eyes..we were both odd ones having green..(mine are actually half blue and yellow, whereas DP's are pure green)

    To work out gentics you also need to consider the grandparents and whole family, to get red hair (which is a reccessive gene) both parents nneed to carry that gene, my friend has blonde hair and her partner has brown and there son is VERY red, both families have a red head in family..hence the red hair and fair skin..their daughter is blonde with olive skin like her mum..

    anyhow I loved trying to work it out while pregnant, and I'm happy with Felix's genetic mix!

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    My children are going to be so confused, as we are, about where their colouring came from!

    We have both me and Andrew with brown eyes and brown hair, and both pur children have red hair and blue eyes..............HTF does that happen???

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    I have med brown mousey type hair and green eyes

    Andrew has dark brown (nearly black) hair and eye colour I am not really sure on lmao seems to change. I think they are a blue/grey colour but can sometimes look green.

    Kameron has light brown mousey coloured hair and green eyes

    Lachlan also has light brown mousey coloured hair but has bluey/grey eyes

    Green eyes is very dominant in my genes, my mum, my brothers and myself all have green eyes.


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    Oct 2004
    Cairns QLD

    Well my boys are pretty much our boys.

    DH has brown hair blue eyes and typical Aussie skin, (pale yet tans well). I have strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and typical scottish skin, (pale and freckled).

    Evan was born with rather dark hair that fell out and is now very blonde but getting darker again as he gets older. I would say it is going to be brown like DH as his hair followed the same pattern as a child. Evan has blue eyes and nice skin like DH's pale yet will tan well.

    Glenn has red hair and blue eyes and skin that you can tell is going to freckle. His hair is getting blonder though as he grows more. DH's says its like a dog he has red hair with a blonde under coat!

    Just for interest, DH just said that they have discovered that there are a hell of a lot of geans that make up the colour of our eyes and the colour of our parents doesn't play a massive role in what colour our eyes will be.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    I am surprised at Aidyn's colouring actually...
    you see, DP is half Chinese, so he has black hair and dark brown eyes.
    I am a natural blonde, with blue/grey eyes. (yet my 4 sisters have brown hair/brown eyes)

    Aidyn has got my blue eyes, and his hair is a golden brown colour atm, though I would expect it to get darker when he gets older. I was surprised at this, as I thought the dark hair/eye genes from his Chinese heritage would be much more dominant.
    However, DP's father was a blonde hair blue eyed German - so I guess thats how Aidyn managed to turn out with that colouring.

    I would be very keen for my next child to get lovely black locks of hair like my DPs though

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    i have really fair skin with blue eyes & light brown hair - thought it was blonde up until i was about 10

    DP has really dark brown eyes, dark hair & easily tanned skin

    eliana was born with black hair that is now a light brown with lighter highlights, her skin is a in between both of ours & she has really blue eyes

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    Melinda Guest

    I have very pale skin, which never tans (I call it a "moon tan" LOL), blue eyes and brown hair which has a coppery colour through it (it is most noticeable when the sun shines on it). My hair was a very rich golden colour when I was little.

    DH has fair skin, which does tan, blue eyes and dark blonde/brown hair. His hair was white blonde when he was little.

    Jacob has blue eyes and very pale skin, and at this stage has beautiful golden/red hair.

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    Colleen Guest

    Jaykob has Blue eyes / Blonde Hair

    I have Dark Hair / Blue Eyes
    DP has Dark Hair / Blue Eyes

    Dp also had blonde hair when he was a toddler.

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    mooshie Guest


    i have light brown/dark blonde hair and blue eyes and fairly pale skin, that usually freckles or burns not tans.

    dh has dark brown hair with green/brown eyes and has pale skin that tans nicely.


    dd jessica - was spitting image of me (my twin lol) exactly the same hair/eyes/skin even looks.

    ds jay - is more like my dh in looks however he has pale skin and blonde almost white hair, he was born bald and got hair around age 2 and his eyes are a very light blue

    dd lani - she was a shock when born lol - she has a darker complexion almost olive, dark brown hair (although it looks like it is lightening up) and she has lightish brown eyes.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    We are not sure about Gabby as she has very little hair atm (our little baldy!) but we were so sure that she would end up being a red-head like Daddy (thus the reason she was nick-named "Little Nobba" before she was born). I was shocked when she came out with darkish hair (tho not much). It has all fallen out and has changed. In some lights you can see a tinge of red, other lights it is light-brown.
    Even though red hair is meant to be recessive, Neil and his second brother both had red hair yet their Mum had dark hair like me and their Dad had red hair. As far as I know, Neil's Mum's family doesn't have red hair in their genes so I really wonder if red hair is recessive at all!
    Both Neil and I have very pale skin. He doesn't really tan - just burns wheras I will tan if I spend a lot of time in the sun.
    We both have freckles so I imagine Gabby is gonna be a spotty one like us!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Matilda has her daddy's coloured hair sort of auburn, light brown/ginger... and my eyes which are green/grey depending on what I am wearing. I have dark brown hair & DH has dark brown eyes. :-k

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    OK here's my mix, hope you don't get lost trying to keep up.

    My Mum has red hair, green eyes and dark skin that freckles but is also tanned. My bio Dad had very dark brown hair (almost black) and very dark brown eyes, his skin was also very olive (he didn't look Aust. although he was) I was born with heaps of black hair and blue eyes, my hair fell out and went red strawberry by the time I was 2 then it went white blonde. By the time I was a teenager it started to go darker and is now dead straight mousey - dirty blonde (thats why I dye it now)

    My ex DP - Joel and Brandon's dad has very dark curly hair with brown eyes and fair skin. Joel and Brandon have brown eyes only the shape are different. Brandons are buggish like his Dads and Joels are almond shaped. Joel burns and slowly tans and freckles. Brandon has beautiful skin that does burn but goes a gorgeous tan, very few freckles on him.

    Mark has blonde hair and green eyes, his skin is freckly and he burns very easily, he used to tan when he was a child and his hair was white blonde too.

    Noah has red hair that I guess you could call strawberry, the shorter it is the lighter it is. Alot of blonde streaks through his hair. He is very WHITE. Think of Casper and there he is. He burns and freckles very easily, which is why we paint him in sunblock.

    Tehya has a darker red hair and blue eyes. Her eyes are a brighter blue and she has quite large eyes. Her skin is very pale too, but then I wouldn't expect her to have a tan either.
    Tehya has 3 pure white patches in her hair. Apparently she has no melanin in those parts of her hair and they will never colour. It is supposed to be a genetic thing but not sure where it has come from.

    As you can see we are a well mixed family.

    Take care

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    Nov 2003

    i have dark brown hair and brown eyes.. Joshuas dad ahs brown hair and brown eyes..

    Joshua has.... wait for it.. brown hair and brown eyes LOL

    Anthony has light brown haird (blonde when it grows longer!) and he has hazel/green eyes they always change depending on his mood, when hes all lovey dovey they are a beautifull green..
    and chloe has brown hair which is gowing slightly blonde ( we both were blonde as children i was born blonde and blonde till i was 5)
    and atm chloe has blue grey eyes but they are starting to go brown, so looks like she'll have brown eyes.

    take care

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    Tan Guest

    I have blonde hair, green eyes and fair skin. DH has brown hair, green eyes and fair skin that tans well. DD has blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin (yet to see if it tans well).
    Both my Mum and DH's dad have blue eyes, so I guess that is where they came from.

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    paradise lost Guest

    Funny to read this as DP and i have been wondering what little woandmo will look like. I have been doing internet research LOL to see if i can figure it out.

    I have blonde hair/blue-grey eyes
    DP has dark brown hair/grey-green eyes

    Apparently brown hair/brown eyes is the strongest gene. Blonde hair/blue (or green) eyes are recessive to brown and red hair/blue (or green) eyes are recessive to blonde and brown.

    Every baby gets one set of colouring genes from each parent (though it is more than "one gene", it is a block of genes and the blocks move together so that for instance hair and eye colour (being close together on the chromosome) usually transfer together, when skin tone (not so close to hair and eye colour) can go on a seperate block when the sperm/eggs are forming, which is why you get very pale blondes and very tan blondes and (VERY VERY occasionally) people with black skin and green or even blue eyes.

    So from me we can say baby will get blue hair/blue eye genes or red hair/ blue eye genes, since if i had a brown gene i would have brown hair and eyes. There haven't been any redheads in my family for a long time, but that means nothing as you ONLY get the red hair colouring when two people with red genes (which will not make them redheads themselves, because if they have a blonde or brown gene they will have that colouring) get together and the baby gets 2 recessive genes.

    From DP baby could get brown blonde or red hair as his dominant brown gene could be partnered by anything!

    I think the most likely eye colour for bubs is grey, since we both have a bit of that, but whether they'll be slate blue grey like mine, or pale moss green grey like DP's...who knows!

    It's exciting doing the research. While i was on i also found out that redheads have higher pain thresholds! Fascinating stuff!