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Thread: Help......16 month old with hands down her pants!

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    Exclamation Help......16 month old with hands down her pants!

    Ok that title sounds weird..but i need some help.

    For the last week or 2 Chelsea will not stop putting her hands down her nappy continuosly (sp?)...whether it be down the front or the back. I am forever asking her to stop it and then pull her hands out, but she continues to do it.

    Now it might not seem to be a *big* deal to some..but for me it is.

    In the last month i have had a severe gastro bug twice and i wake this morning to Chelsea vomitting and a case of the runs again...also her 2nd time in a month.

    From what i think...the cause maybe be because of this *hands down the pants* drama we are hands down nappy,then hands in mouth...germs spreading??

    Would explain why ive had the gastro....she thinks its a great game trying to get her hands in my mouth

    So some advice how to get her to stop this ASAP would be appreciated. being sick myslef is one thing..but dealing with another sick person at the same time is not fun at all

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    Can you put overalls or a jumpsuit on her so that she can't get them in there in the first place? She is unlikely to understand because of her age if you tell her that hands in the nappy = Chelsea being sick, but you could try. And just use good hand washing practice on her (and yourself) everytime you see her do it and even when you don't, just keep washing her hands, because she only has to touch something, then you or someone else touch it and it can spread kwim? it will be a PITA, but you really need to be vigilant with it, even if you feel really sick yourself.

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    Thanks Sherie....i might have to look at buying some body suits for her....and the hand washing will have to increase! Times like this i wish the hand sanitiser stuff was safe for kids.

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    kim i too would try the jumpsuits we had a poo incident this week!!! not nice!!

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    The alcohol rub you can buy from the chemist is safe for children, as long as you rub it in well and don't let them put it in their eyes.

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    Sorry to hear you've been ill. Hopefully you'll get better soon.

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    Thanks Michael....will check out the stuff from the chemist.

    No poo incidents here yet..but every time the hands go down i fear they will come out pooey!!

    Saffi i hope we are better soon too

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