thread: HELP! DD won't sleep longer than 30mins at a time....

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    Mar 2007

    HELP! DD won't sleep longer than 30mins at a time....

    Today has been one of those days.....

    DD has had 3 sleeps today.... but each ONLY 30mins long. She wakes after 30mins crying or calling out for me so I will go in and try and re-settle her but nothing seems to be working today.... why? She is quite upset today and not even feeding properly.
    I have no idea how to help her to sleep today.... some days are great and she can self-settle but today... I'm at a loss! And I'm exhausted We only got probably 4hrs sleep last night too.....

    What happens when they turn 12 weeks? Is this what this is? And I just seemed to calm her down and the neighbours kids next door start crying and we can hear them

    Any tips or ideas? Cheers! I'm desperately trying to get some housework done.... just something!

    eta - days like this... controlled crying doesn't seem to bad of an idea..... (joking joking) uuuggghh!!!

    gotta go, she's calling out again....

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    have you got a sling or a swing you could pop her in?

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    Apr 2008

    Have you ever tried just putting the vacum on. I was vacuming around DD this morning and it seemed to soothe her. Someting about 'white noise'. You could try it out. Get the vacuming done whilst soothing her. Other than that I am so not sure. I am still learning this myself. If worst comes to worse go and get into bed with her and she might doze off and then you can sneak out.

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    Nov 2007
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    Ren - Hugs babe!
    Unfortunaly Bella has been like this since 1 month old! And she still will only sleep for 45 mins max during the day at one time so she has 5-6 little sleeps during the day, Its hard to get stuff done but Bella has now learnt to self settle and will be asleep within about 10 mins of putting her down. I just put her in her bouncer and take her from room to room and sing and talk to her while I do stuff.

    How ever she sleeps from 7 pm at night till 8.30 in the morning so I just do most things after she has gone to bed.

    Sorry no real help - just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!

    Kate xox

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    It's like that here Ren. I can only get her into a second sleep cycle in the HAB because I can start rocking as soon as she stirs! So annoying! Hope you get more sleep tonight!!

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    Jan 2008
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    Big Ren! You're doing a great job on only 4 hours sleep.

    I second the sling recommendation. Sometimes it's the only thing that will settle Jacob.

    It won't last darl. She will sleep longer eventually. I'd probably write today off, accept she will be awake (who wants to do housework anyway ), and look forward to a better night tonight and day tomorrow.

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    Mar 2007

    I think I'll go turn on the vacuum cleaner and do that and mop.... let her sit in her swing and watch me... is it bad if she cries while watching me??

    I'm at a loss NOTHING is making her happy today.

    Tried all of your recommendations and it doesn't work and the HAB is hanging up drying!!
    My other sling i could use but it's not safe when vacuuming etc i worry she'll fall out...

    Gotta go, crying baby...

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    OMG vacuum cleaner is working.... I should have done this 2hrs ago when i got the damn thing out ready to use!! Why did i hesitate?!? LOL
    She's in her swing watching me vacuum.... hmmm maybe when i'm done i can leave it turned on and go and have a sleep..... just kidding.... i wish!!!!
    Yeah must be the white noise like you said Alibaby.
    Thanks girls for your suggestions.

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    Mar 2007

    days like this... controlled crying doesn't seem to bad of an idea.....
    on days like that the same thought goes through my head, lol. It's just so frustrating. And I remind myself the more she cries the harder it is to settle her again, then it doesn't seem like such a good idea. And when I'm really frustrated I force myself to smile, you can't feel bad for too long when you're smiling stupidly, pmsl.

    OMG vacuum cleaner is working....
    yay!! I won't tell DH this, he'll expect me to vacuum, lol.

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    Mar 2007

    Yeah I don't agree with CC but at times it's tempting!! especially when you've exhausted all other options and you've been trying to get them to sleep for 4hrs or more!! It's so hard...
    I could never leave my DD to cry longer than a minute or so.... have to pick her up!

    Well, I vacuumed and mopped the floor and DD sat in her swing and just watched me... she didn't cry. Yay. I just want her to be happy and not upset anymore today... it's so upsetting when they are so sad

    She's stuck (in her swing) in the middle of the lounge floor while I wait for the floors to dry so I am she doesn't start crying otherwise i have to walk all back across my wet floor!

    I think I'll vacuum every day now it seems to help!

    SJ - haha I don't even normally vacuum normally DH beats me to it! I just thought today was the day I should do some housework and have the house clean for DH when he gets home. He says to me "go to bed and rest" but I can't cos' DD won't!!!

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    Uh-oh..its the dreaded 12 week "I don't wanna sleep" thing...

    ALL the mothers in my mothers groups have experienced this. Its like the babies suddenly clue onto what you're trying to do and decide "I don't wanna sleep".

    I don't believe in CC, but I have learnt to be a bit tougher than I was. Now i let DD whinge and cry a little and don't scoop her up immediately unless she's beyond it. I stay with her though and offer comfort when she needs it. Its worked a treat for us.


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    Isn't it heartbreaking when they cry and cry. Really does break your heart. I remember DD going through this and like the girls have said, write today off and remember tomorrow is another day. Great job getting some housework done darl.

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    May 2008

    just read this thread, Renstar i am so happy for you that the vaccum worked!!
    i think sometimes they need something totally different to distract them. i know its too late now but when ds is like that i often just chuck him in the pram and go for a walk, the crying seems less when your outside and he generally falls asleep sooner or later which then makes the rest of the day easier to handle. i also put him in his bouncer in the garden which he loves! (that way i can then get the washing done!)
    i find distraction is the key
    and i can tell you it definatley does get better! just take each day as it comes.
    hope you get some good sleep tonight

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    Sep 2008
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    sending you lots of hugs.
    DD is doing this now and shes 8 months!!
    heres hoping they settle back down soon.

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    Feb 2008

    I went through this with my DD around 12 weeks too. Someone told me that at around 12 weeks is when they can start to keep themselves awake. Before then they will eventually fall off to sleep. Not sure if that's true or not - but the staying awake longer does seem to happen to a lot of babies around 12 weeks.

    I had to do lots of patting to help her off to sleep and I also introduced a dummy around that time. Both those things helped DD to start sleeping for longer periods of time again.

    Hope you can get some sleep again soon.

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    Mar 2007

    Thanks for your replies ladies.

    Today was the same.... not much sleep.... went down for 30mins then woke.... then another sleep she went down 15mins and woke! Just can't get past 30mins.... So no sleep for me today.... and feeding twice in the night instead of her usual once.... it must be her 12wk growth spurt I'm more tired than I was in the first few weeks!!!!!

    I'm sure it will pass.... in the meantime, she's asleep now so I'm going to go to bed before her 10pm feed!!!

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    Mar 2007

    Tired here too, it sucks hey!! DD has been waking in the night about 4 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Mar 2007

    Oh no Sara!

    Well last night she woke 1:30am for a feed even after feeding at 10pm (normally doesnt wake til 3 or 4am!) and then she went back down and woke again 4am, 5am, so we just brought her into bed with us but she wouldn't sleep there either

    Hhmmmm hoping it passes soon.... I need sleep!! At the moment, she's in her cot just talking to herself and not going to sleep and has been in there for 30mins now... lol at least she's entertaining herself and not calling out to me. Hopefully she'll self settle soon. I would love to lie down and have a nap but if i do... she then wakes up soon after so theres' no point me trying to sleep really LOL
    Just as well she's cute otherwise this would be alot harder