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Thread: help my DD has started biting

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    Default help my DD has started biting

    my DD is 17mths old and I have found out that she has started to bite other children at daycare. I Know that it is just a stage, but as a child carer myself I know what is said about children who bite and I hate the thought of my DD being talked about like that.
    She hasn't bitten anybody outside of care and she is currently getting some more of her molars comming through.
    I have asked the girls to treat her firmly and let her know that it hurts to bite and that it's not ok, but she will still do it, usually when she is tired.
    She has a nasty streak when she is tired when she will smack, scratch, throw toys and when you growl at her she laughs the first 2 times and then dissolves in to tears.
    does any body have any strategies I could try I really want to stop this behaviour as soon as possible.
    I have told the girls at day care to give her a chilled teething toy after they have told her it's not ok and they say she munches on it for a little while after an incident

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    DS did this too, at about the same age, and predominently at daycare.
    The centre gave me a lot of literature about biting, to tell the child firmly no, let them no its hurts etc, basicallu what you've told daycare to do.

    In MJs case it was due to furstration and lacking languare skills to express himself, so they could pick up very quickly what triggered it and stop it happening most of the time.

    I think it went on for at least a month though He never bit anyone hard enough to break the skin, but I still was horrified that my child was "the biter" in the group. Then one day another little girl bit him. He has not done it since.

    As long as you and daycare as using the same strategy and not reacting in a way that makes her think its funny or a game you should be able to resolve it. Its very different than an older child biting who has a much better understanding of how it makes another child feel and that its wrong.

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    thanks rayray,
    what you said makes sense, I guess I just wanted confirmation that I'm on the right track. This will sound really awful, but I do kind of hope my DD gets bitten soon(not that I wish to see her in pain) but for the same reason that it might help her to understand that it really does hurt, and she may think not to do it again. I think hers is out of frustration and tiredness as well.

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