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Thread: highchair vs booster seat

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    Default highchair vs booster seat

    My DS has just started solids and is currently sitting on a pillow on the couch so he is sitting up.. my problem is the pillow and couch are getting covered in bannana, sweet potato and apple lol
    So im looking at getting a high chair but a friend of mine has one of those seats that strap onto the chair and she says that it is better.
    So my question is who has what and why do you like what you are using to sit your baby in for meals!
    Thanks for all your help
    Take care everyone

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    We have a highchair & are about to sell it, though not because I don't like using them...I just don't like the one I have. It's got sooooo many creases for bits of food to get caught, I've decided to buy a different one. We also have a Phil & Teds "mee too" chair that is fantastic!!! it can flat pack, be taken anywhere, attach to most tables etc. We currently have ours attached to the breakfast bar & DS sits there often whilst we eat breakfast or lunch to keep him from whinging.
    In regards to the booster, I haven't used one but my cousin had one & each time you went to her house you had to fish out another chair from somewhere as the one with the booster on it was always taken IYKWIM....or you had to keep taking it on & off. Bit of a pain.

    I like the idea of a high chair, we use it inside & out....bubs can sit at different levels etc & I can have it in the lounge etc without too much fuss.

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    We have a booster seat that lives in the car ready for if we go out to a restaurant or a friends place. It's the best thing we've bought really.

    But I don't know that I'd use it as a permanent high chair. I like our highchair, and it feels safer than the booster seat.. has the 5 point harness in it, and I'm able to leave DS to eat in that while I do other things. He doesn't seem so secure in the booster seat.

    I do like that he sits at the actual table with us tho with the booster seat. So I dunno.. hehe. Perhaps start with the booster seat (it's much cheaper, and soooo handy to have anyway) and if you don't like it as a permanent, then get a normal highchair.

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    I used a high chair when my girls were small, and changed to the booster when they got a little older. The mess still follows them though lol. The chair that we attached it to got really grubby. I used to wheel the highchair around the house, so i could have a shower and do some tidying. the tray is good for holding toys.

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    I have a fisher price booster seat type highcahir I guess you'd call it. It looks like a high chairs but with no legs. It has 2 seatbelt straps that secure it to a dining chari. It has 3 positions of recline for their growing ages (newborn, older and toddler) and a 5point harness.
    I LOVE IT. The chairpad comes off for easy wiping and when they are big enough you take the back ff and it's like a regular booster seat. I love that Darcy can actually sit 'at' the table IYKWIM?
    It's very stable and secure and I just didn't have enough room for a highchair it the time we bought it so it was great. It also means I could plonk the chair around with me wherever I wanted to go...but was still safe for her.

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