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Thread: Horsey... Birdie... Fishy.... GRRRR

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    Oh yes! Dwinkie, Hewwo, WHAT? I can't understand that, how will DS? His mother, who speaks to him the most, was voice trained by LAMDA, he will not be able to understand stupid-sounding people. (He can't understand some of my mother's family with strong accents because they sound so dreadful; at Christmas they spoke to him and he had no clue, I had to repeat it!)

    I would never call John Johnnie, nor would I call Frank Frankie, David Davey, Samuel Sammy, Barbara Babbie, Phillip Philly, Francine Franny, James Jimmy, Christian Chrissy (Nadine Naddy, Suse Susie, Lea Leery, Rosehip Rosie)... these babies have a name. Use it. Don't make one up that you want to use. I have a big issue with this with my DS!

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    it is pretty annoying ... i have been saying ta but nixon doesnt respon and way , i always say please and thank you if he gives me somthing , and always use the right words for him .... well some times baby words slip out ...

    but id be happy if nixon said any thing at all ...

    he walks around the house saying "dirka dirka dirka" all day dh said he sounds like sometihng from team america ...

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